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This discounted henna refill kit gives you all the henna product you need for 200 quality henna tattoos.  Professional quality dark staining henna powder, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and cello triangles to roll henna cones in one discounted kit. Fresh BAQ Jamila henna powder for dark staining henna paste. Professional quality Jamila henna powder is stored properly frozen to give you the freshest henna powder available. Discounted combo pack of Jamila henna powder and essential oils. Mehndi oils are high quality tea tree and lavender essential oils for dark staining henna paste.
DISCOUNTED Refill Henna Powder Kit Fresh Jamila Henna Powder: Professional Grade Henna 2.7% Lawsone SAVE with Jamila Henna Powder & Essential Oil Combo Pack
Discounted prices of a kilo of Jamila henna powder for skin or hair henna. All Jamila is professional grade BAQ certified henna. Discounted professional henna artist bulk pack. 800 grams henna powder and 8 ounces henna oil for extra dark henna stains.
Henna Powder KILO: Professional BAQ Jamila Henna Powder BULK
List Price: $79.90
Only: 59.90 - 49.90
Save $20.00!

Kilo of Fresh BAQ Jamila Henna Powder: Professional Grade Henna Discounted Henna and FREE Shipping!

Fresh Henna Powder (BAQ Henna Powder)
We, at Beachcombers Bazaar, only offer safe natural henna with no harmful chemical additives.  If you don't need a full henna kit, just the henna product itself, we offer a variety of quality henna options.  Be assured that all our henna is stored properly. As soon as it arrives it is checked for quality, wrapped, and frozen.  This insures you always get the freshest possible henna from Beachcombers Bazaar.

All our henna powder is fresh quality Body Art Quality (BAQ) powder. We offer two kinds of professional body art quality henna powders, our house brand henna, Ora Organic Raj, and Jamila BAQ powder henna. 

Our house brand henna, Ora Henna, is an Organic Rajasthani henna powder.  This is an easy-to-use dark staining henna.  Weighing in at a whopping 3.29% lawsone content, it makes it super easy to get dark henna tattoo stains, even for beginners.  This is a nice stringy henna that works great for draping the straight lines used in Moroccan henna designs.  This is what I use personally.

BAQ Jamila henna powder, is triple sifted and the most consistent henna I've ever encountered.  It is a bit more finicky than our Ora henna powder and takes longer to release it's dye, but it constantly leaves a nice dark henna color.  The current crop is at a 2.69% lawsone content.  Though this is a lower dye content than our Ora Rajasthani henna, Jamila has a gorgeous creamy texture and is wonderful to work with.