About Us: Henna, khussa shoes, Indian glass bangles, bindi, organic earrings

Jody & Asad, Beachcombers Organics for wood earrings in Orlando

Who is Beachcombers anyway?
That's us. Over there to the right. I'm Jody and that good-looking guy with me is my other (sometimes better) half, Asad. We started our little business as a part-time fun venture in 2002 that turned to a full-time real business in 2004. We began online and opened a retail store in College Park, just outside of downtown Orlando in 2008.

I love what I do! I have the best job in the world. I design and sell cool stuff for a living! I am surrounded by gorgeous shoes, glass bangles, super-cool earrings, and henna! What more can a girl ask for?

I do most of the designing of our products and then work with small family businesses in India, Pakistan, and Indonesia to have them made. No big factories for us! This allows me to be sure that we get high quality products that aren't just mass-produced junk, keeping things special and exclusive for you (and me!). Check out our product information, below, to learn more.

Bachcombers Products

Khussa Indian Shoes
Khussa are also called juttie, jutti, or majorie, but are most often referred to as Indian shoes (even though they can be made in India, Pakistan, or China). I consider khussa shoes our signature item because it is the first product we were able to find a small family supplier to work with.

We are able to work closely with our shoe supplier to have our khussa made with top quality leather, which is very difficult to find in khussa shoes. Without quality leather, khussa don't break-in properly, can irritate your skin, develop a foul odor, and will only last a few times wearing them out.

Our khussa mold beautifully to the shape of your feet and, with care, can last a long while. I even have khussa shoes 3 years old that I still wear, though I burn through most of them in less time than that.

Beachcombers khussa are made using well cleaned leather with real cotton stitching. Each shoe is completely hand done, including the intricate beading, sequin, and embroidered thread work.

Style is a big factor in working with a small family supplier. We are able to custom design our shoes in colors and styles to meet your needs and stay on top of emerging trends.

Below are pictures of the small family business we work with.
These are actually our shoes being made.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Glass Bangles
Ahhhh...talk about a hard to find product! I would guess that we have the largest selection of glass bangles (typically called Indian bangles or wedding bangles) in the United States. We keep over half a million bangles in stock with a selection of 3 different sizes, 2.6 Small, 2.10 Medium/Large, and 2.12 Extra-Large.

Again, we work with a small family business in Pakistan for our glass bangles. One of our early large orders enabled them to build a third bangle oven, which is VERY exciting! Not only does that third bangle oven help us, but it's huge help to the local community of our bangle supplier. This allows them to produce substantially more product to help sustain a viable local economy.

Our bangles are custom made for us in bulk and then I create the actual sets from these bangles. Each and every set is hand created and checked to make sure there are no broken or cracked bangles.

One of the coolest things about our bangle selection is the 2.12 XL bangles. This size is custom made for us. Asad's mom has large hands, and she used to tell us stories about when she was a little girl, her older sisters would go to the bazaar and come back with all these gorgeous glass bangles. They would give her "big ugly bangles" because they didn't make glass bangles in her size. She used to cry and wish for small hands so that she could wear the beautiful glass bangles that her sisters were able to wear. Now she can! Once we got our 2.12 XL bangles in, we gave her a selection of bangles in every single style and color! Now, she has a bigger bangle collection that her sisters ever had!

Below are pictures of the small family business we work with.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Organic earrings, wood pin earrings, horn split expanders, bone stirrup earings and shell earrings.
Beachcombers Organics (Fake Taper Earrings)
Beachcombers Organics is a line of tribal style fake taper earrings for normally pierced ears made from natural materials including wood, bone, horn, and shell.

Organic earrings have long been a part of traditional tribal piercing and have made their way to the USA in the form of gauged body jewelry and stretched lobes. Now you can get the look without have to gauge or stretch your ears! Our
organic earrings fit normally pierced ears.

We have a couple different styles of tribal earrings. The earrings that look like your ears are stretched or gauged are known as fake tapers or split expanders. We also have the pin or stick style earrings. We even have faux plugs!

Our master carver, Wayan, has a small art shop in Bali. He is a master carver and his wife is a painter. Wayan designs and carves our earrings along with his shop of apprentices, thus helping keep this traditional ethnic craft alive.

All materials for our Organic Earrings are responsibly harvested. The wood comes from trees specifically grown to encourage modern Indonesians to keep the old handi-craft traditions alive. The bone and horn come from Domestic Water Buffalo. Much like Native Americans, Indonesians try to use every part of an animal rather than waste anything (or worse turn them into feed for other animals like we tend to do here). This accounts for the use of horn, bone and hides in so much of traditional Indonesian art.

Check Out Wayan, his family, and his apprentices in action!

This bold but elegant floral henna design is up to full color after being given proper aftercare.  Take care of your henna to get the best possible color.Natural Henna Products
Henna or mehndi is all about knowledge, and when I started doing henna, I had none! That's why I make sure you have plenty of knowledge when you buy henna products from Beachcombers Bazaar.

I wrote a henna booklet that not only includes basic instructions, but also henna safety information, a trouble shooting guide, sealer information, henna designs (easy to moderately hard), the basic components to a henna design, and much more. You can also purchase henna design eBooks written by me.

Most of our customers do not have much experience with henna, so I created easy to use beginners kits at a variety of price points to help
get you started.

Henna is a very personal thing, and everyone has their own preferences. Our starter henna kits let you try out a few different ways of doing henna so that you find what you like best in henna products. Once you know what you like, you only have to re-order henna, because most of our starter mehndi kits already come with the henna tools and accessories that you need when applying henna tattoos. Clever, don't you think?

One of the coolest things I've done to help educate people about henna is my henna help site, www.HennaHelp.com. This site has just about all you need to know to do your own henna. It includes a ton of pictures and even tips from fellow henna artists. There is even a great free henna downloads page. There are very few questions about henna that are not found on the site, so have fun visiting!

Bangle Display Stands
When we found bangle stands, they had fallen out-of-fashion in India. What!? How could something so beautiful and so useful fall out of fashion? This was a fashion that desperately needed to be revived, I thought. Since my own bangles were hidden away in old shoe boxes, I immediately fell in love with bangle stands. They held my bangles in a safe easy-to-access way, that also made my bedroom gorgeous. I even placed a stand full of glass bangles in my living room. Gorgeous!

We needed to find someone to make bangle stands for our customers' growing bangle collections. In searching for a manufacturer, we learned all the things to look out for with bangle display stands, lol! We found that bugs were sometimes an issue, and that the metal that is traditionally nailed on the tips of the arms was a problem. The nails would rust and split the wood. Not to mention, we needed someone willing to work with all new designs instead of just the standard old typical design.

Well, we found someone! Our stands are made from a not-so-small-anymore family business in a small Indian village. The business started out as a very small wooden handi-craft family business. The current proprietor used to run the family handi-crafts to a nearby town to sell when he was a boy. That boy went on to University in England and has brought that small family business to a major exporter of wooden Indian hand-crafts. He supplies to Pier One Imports and World Market, along with us! During all of this expansion, he has managed to keep the charm of all hand-work still created by the locals. There is also a scholarship program for the local children. Now that's what it is all about!

We expanded our selection of traditional dark wood stands to include a variety of different stains and finishes and a variety of different shapes. We even worked together to create a wall hanging display designed by Asad. We are proud to offer a large selection of bangle display stands that are completely hand-made and custom designed especially for us!

Don't Take Our Word For It!
We, at Beachcombers, love what we do, and we think it shows. Customer service and customer satisfaction are the most important things in our business.

Take a look at some of the kind words our customers have to say.
We are proud to have earned these customers and their loyalty!

  • I just wanted to take a minute to let you know we received our bangles this Sat morning! How quick and accurate your service is. We absolutely love them and we are excited to get to show them off! My 2 girls put them on and put on their Hindi movie and danced all morning--lol! How fun! I really appreciate your kindness and communication regarding my order! We will surely be ordering some of your shoes and some more bangles as gifts to others in the near future! May many blessings and prosperity come to you and your business! Our bangles are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ SR Carnegie OK

    Just a quick note to say how happy I was to see you guys in the Woman's World magazine which I get all the time, I called my daughter right away to tell her we both are so excited for you. I don't mind being part of the hot trend either, cause as I get older it seems I am less and less trendy!

    ~ LS Rochester NY

    I just want to say how pleasantly surprised I am at the wonderful and very personal customer service that I've received from your company. I'll be telling all of my friends to shop at Beachcombers. Thank you so much!

    ~ DS Philadelphia PA

    Hi Jody, thank you, thank you!!! I love both pairs [of khussa]. You were right, the blue is to die for and the ivory curled are fun! I like that they are both different styles. I want to say how beautiful and first quality they were. I can hardly wait to break them in, though I think the sizing is pretty close.

    Thank you for all the help you gave me in choosing, you are the best.

    ~ID Victoria BC Canada

    ...I LOVE my khussa shoes!!! I was wearing them when I saw my Dr. yesterday, and she just went nutz over them! When I told her they were handmade, of real leather, she reached down and pulled one off my foot and examined it carefully, looking at all the beadwork involved and how well they are made. When I told her I'd paid $16.99 for them she almost fell out of her chair. She had your online addy before I left her office.

    I am also thrilled to find easy access, with reasonable prices on henna and supplies, as I've been practicing and learning this ancient form of body-adornment for the past couple of years. I love working with the cones, better than any other type of applicator, and was so glad to find I could buy empty pre-made cones from you. SO much better than having to make my own, which never seem to turn out quite right. Also, I got some of the transfer paper, and can't wait to use it! Great tools to have, for the henna-crazed, like me! I also like the way my henna was packaged in individual packages, sealed to stay fresh until I need them. Very cost effective way to keep good henna on hand, always there when you get the artistic urge.

    I shall be back for more goodies, soon and often. Keep doing what you're doing so well. You ARE a fun place to shop!

    ~ LT Boulder Creek CA

    I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love these shoes! My wedding dress was periwinkle and silver with lots of sequins and beading and these shoes matched perfectly! I broke them in per your instructions and they felt like I was wearing slippers. I have recommended your products to everyone I know! Thanks again for making my wedding outfit complete!

    ~ SA Sterling VA

    I am madly in love with these shoes! Let me also say that I have problem feet. I have had surgeries on both feet for bone spurs and have a hard time wearing most shoes - sneakers included. But these are like a dream. They have yet to rub or cause any pain and I am on cloud nine! I am so happy! I am a girl who can't wear anything - even the new Crocs hurt my feet - so you can imagine how pleased I am to have found your khussa shoes!

    Thanks so much for your assistance! You have made a lifelong customer out of me!

    ~ JJ Nashville TN

    Last year or so I purchased one of these WONDERFUL bangle stands from you, and I was so pleased. I am now over-run by my collection, and I am THRILLED to find you once again! I have purchased and received another stand - my husband is busy putting it together - and I am so thrilled. Your customer service is second to none! It has once again been a pleasure, and I thank you very much.

    ~ DB Sparks NV

    Thank you so very much for your prompt filling of the order and all the information you provided me with. The henna fund raiser was last Saturday and was a HUGE success. I was amazed as how simply it all was. As I sit here with my lovely henna dragonfly on my hand, I was reminded I had not gotten off a proper thank you. Here it is! All the best and continued success on your business.

    ~ CO Belmont NH

    I received all the glass bangles and the two bangle bins (!) today!, in a giant Priority Mail box! Thanks so much. They are dazzling and divine to look at; I can't wait to get started, to really start wearing them and enjoying the extravagant adornment of arms and the gazing upon, and the enjoying sound of stacked bangles.) Thanks so much for all of your time and attention. I'll be back. (Hmmm, great gifts! new colors....) Dazzling fun.

    ~ MA Naperville IL

    Thank you so much! I could not have made better choices myself!!! They are perfect and I really love them. When I am not wearing them (which I have been almost since they arrived :) I hang them on a jewelry tree in an area where I usually have a candle burning and I have to say that the bangles are not only AWESOME jewelry but one of the prettiest decorations on the nightstand. Thanks ever so much for your generosity. It is very appreciated.

    ~ AH Alhambra CA

    Thanks sooooo much!!! I love my new bangle rack! It totally rocks!!! I'm so obsessed that I attached a picture and I just wanna say thanks, I totally love my bangle rack!!! Totally worth the money!!!

    ~ TS Ohio

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love the product I purchased through your auction. I work at a tattoo shop in Boca Raton, Florida where I am a body piercer and have recently started offering Henna designs. I have been using henna that I purchased at an Indian grocery store. It was of good quality, but was hard to use. Your bottles with the metal IV needle tips are so easy to use and make creating custom designs fun. Thank you so much for making my job a lot easier and much more fun.

    ~ JA Boca Raton FL

    I just received the bangles and absolutely love them!!!!! I really like the glittery pink ones you added! The soft gold color is a nice touch as well. And the smaller size is just perfect!

    Thank you again, for all your help, advice and neat little tips you gave me and just for being so patient as you worked with me. I feel as though I have met you in person and have known you for years. You have truly made this a very easy process for me compared to what could have turned into a disaster and very stressful!

    So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! If ever I am in need of bangles in the future or anyone else asks about them or where to get them, I know exactly where to send them! I shall try to make sure I get a great picture of them with the outfit so I can send it to you.

    ~ AV Fayetteville GA

    THANK YOU sooo much...:) Wow...a website that is a dream to navigate...friendly helpful service. Y'all need to tell the world how to run a site...because you have it down perfect. Thanks for making shopping a pleasure again. See you back here soon I am sure!

    ~ AK Beaumont TX

    I have an anecdote that you'll find amusing. After we ordered all of that stuff last time and had to send it back because it didn't fit my friend, my fiancé ordered the bangle a month club gift for me for Valentine's Day!! Of course, my friend was wildly jealous!

    Now you have the new 2.12 size bangles that will fit her perfectly!

    The whole reason we found the bangles was because I was looking for green flats to match my (green) wedding dress - and when I saw the bangles, thought they would look great. The St. Patrick's set, with the other glittery bangles, will look MARVELOUS

    Thanks again for everything - you've got customers for life in my friend and me!!

    ~LC Bloomington, IN

    Thanks so much for all your extra help with making sure I could order the exact bangles that I wanted. The extras you included are stunning and I will definitely mix them in with my current sets. Today I received the last of the bangles I ordered and put them on my brand new bangle stand, I finally have a home for all my bangles and everything looks so gorgeous all put together at last. I always enjoy shopping Beachcombers as you are always prompt and accurate and a pleasure to correspond with, I look forward to the time when I think of what to order next.

    ~ HK Alameda CA

    Arlo, was looking for shoes to wear with her outfit as a guest to the 2007 Grammys, so we picked out some of our gold high heel khussa.

    Before the show...

    I LOVE my Khussas! They are perfect...the look is absolutely gorgeous...the fit is great, you were right. The 7's are just perfect.

    After the show...

    The shoes were wonderful. I was on my feet a good amount of time at the after party, dancing and what not. My tootsies held up just fine, only a slight rub on one toe toward the very end of the long evening. Khussas are a definite hit with me!! Also, I was really astounded at how easy they were to break in. I will definitely spread the word.

    Again thank you for all your wonderful support.

    ~ AZ Santa Monica CA

    The bangles are here and I love them all! This was the nicest customer service I've ever had from afar. I felt like I was right in your shop/storeroom with you and could see everything you were suggesting and helping me with. This is what I learned calling you that I didn't know from looking at your listings: that you have other sizes of the bangles you feature and that it's possible to call and get a different mix than you see in the listing.

    Another feather for your caps is that you mentioned in your note that you are a small family-run business, but I want to tell you that when I first saw your site months ago I thought your selection was so expansive and you had so much helpful information, that in my mind you became the "BIG" guys. I thought you had a really big operation and were the experts (obviously you are experts!) which is great....And then on the flip side, I was all the more surprised that you would give such a high level of individualized customer care. I really do appreciate that you can be both.

    ~ IF West Cornwall CT

    This month's bangles are absolutely beautiful, as are all the bracelets I have received this year. My husband bought me a 1yr subscription of the Bangle Of the Month club last February for my birthday and I look forward to it every month. Each shipment has surpassed the last and I have enjoyed them immensely. I have told everyone about them and have even given some as gifts. Job well done!!

    ~ HR Las Vegas NV

    I just want to thank you so much for the great henna and all the great tips you taught both me and my friend. Friday, I successfully worked my first henna gig and it was a success.... I never felt more popular.... hahaha... I let my friend borrow one of those bottles and tips... she LOVES it!!! So I will probably have to stop by again for some more henna in the near future and pick up some bottles for her... If you ever need a henna artist feel free to contact me!!! Thanks again, I really appreciate your time and effort in teaching me the great art of henna.

    ~ MM Orlando FL

    Just to follow up on this. I received my order and am delighted that the shoes work well — as you said they would.

    Great, awesome customer service. I am very pleased. Thank you.

    ~ SR Forestville CA

    I just wanted to send my thanks, and tell you how thrilled I am with my pink khussa. I have purchased the exact same shoes from other sellers on eBay....none arrived with the same standards you met (...and exceeded!). They were packaged perfectly for long distance travel (neatly packed in a shoebox inside another box with padding--WOW!)....not one bead was damaged, unlike the others I purchased elsewhere. Although your price is slightly higher, you completely surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and professionalism. One of the best......

    Thanks again,
    Sincerely with very happy feet,


    Thanks for getting me my bangles before I left for my Puerto Rico trip. I love them. My husband found them to be beautiful. I said I know aren't they gorgeous and sexy...I will be ordering more. I will contact you guys after my trip to order more and to buy my travel case. Thanks love your stuff. Great customer service.

    ~ NW New York

    I found my purchase from Beachcombers to be one of the most pleasant online shopping experiences I have ever had! Your site is great and easy to navigate. The product selection is incredible only wish is that I could get them all since everything is so beautiful. Along the way encouraging e-mails telling me where in the transaction we were helped me feel secure about shopping with a company I had just heard about. I was so happy to get my package at the speed of light even though my purchase was made before a major holiday. Everything arrived safe and sound packaged so carefully. I am so happy about my purchase made from Beachcombers that I am just looking for an excuse to shop your site again.

    I can't wait to make another purchase of beautiful bangles! I think next time I'll need to get myself a bangle case or stand!

    Thanks for the exceptional customer service!

    ~ LAB Lake Worth, FL

    I am very pleased with the bottles and syringe tips. Thank you for your wonderful service and great products. it is making my henna a much more pleasurable experience as my cone making is terrible!!! I have a lot of henna appointments as we get closer to summer in Australia. Thanks again, I look forward to dealing with you all again.

    ~ VR Adelaide, Australia

    I just wanted to let you know what a very, very happy customer you have here! I got my box yesterday but didn't get to open it until just now and the bracelet set you custom made to go with my "Dress Blues" sari is so perfect and so very beautiful that I can't believe it! I didn't think you could outdo the pretty sets online but you did indeed do just that. Everything is great and I will be coming back for more goodies soon.

    I will be telling everyone I can to take advantage of your great custom services too as what could be more perfect than a one of a kind set of bracelets made to go with that special occasion outfit? Your service is amazing and the items are great and thank you for such a lovely shopping experience!

    ~ SC New York

    I received my bangles and they are lovely! This was by far the most pleasant experience I've had when purchasing online. I will be placing another order soon.

    Thank you so very much! Everyone is talking about them at work and I am spreading the word about your company and website.

    ~ D

    Well, your box with the goodies arrived yesterday and the timing was perfect. My daughter Rebecca was having a rare bad day at school and she came home feeling blue. When I started to unwrap the bracelets she perked up right away. She spend probably and hour admiring and rearranging the bracelets on the new stand. It definitely made her day. This morning she wore one of the new sets you sent -- the lavender and green set. She gave the special blue September set a big thumbs up!

    Thanks again for your help in putting together a great bracelet wardrobe for Rebecca -- she is one happy teen :-)

    ~ VW Texas

    ..I would like to compliment you on the entire presentation of your website and your customer service. Being a male customer I might not be your typical person that comes in to shop but let me tell you this was one of the best experiences I have had with any seller.

    1- You helped me with my questions promptly

    2- You offered a few different ideas and a coupon (nicely done too as it said met at live or something). Entering the coupon was easy.

    3- Your site was easy to navigate.

    4- The mailing list sign up was very well done (so i did it for my wife) and everything went quickly and smoothly.

    What an awesome job! :)

    ~ MC Connecticut

    I have never put on shoes that feel as good as these. They were tight at first, but within minutes they molded to my feet and they feel like costume made. I chipped a bone in my foot while living in Europe so I haven't been able to wear any high heels. I can wear these and they feel as comfortable as tennis shoes. I LOVE THEM!! Will buy more shoes from Beachcombers!!!

    ~ PS

    You have a great site, sizing info was very helpful, so were the close-up views. Your customer service is excellent, I have NEVER been treated better, I am truly impressed and I appreciate that I was appreciated! Finally, your products are beautiful and unique. It shows that you not only have a passion for customer care but the products you sell as well. Great Job!

    The shoes are beautiful (breaking them in as I write) and I has having a hard time finding authentic Khussas at a decent price. Until I found your site, all I could find were cheap imitations or overly priced ones with ridiculous shipping charges.

    Thanks so much for making me feel valued. I will definitely be a returning customer and I wish your company and all who work there nothing but the best.

    ~ AT

    Thank you guys so much! I ordered a pair of shoes on Wednesday and noted that I needed them for Memorial Day weekend - and I received them on *Saturday*, a mere 3 days after I ordered them. :)

    The shoes are beautiful, and now I have time to break them in properly before my event. Thank you so much!

    ~ LD

    The bangles are great!…They are super cute and exactly what I needed. I will contact you when I figure out what my other outfit will be, as I imagine I will want to pick an outfit that is bangle-worthy. The packaging and accompanying instructions/advice/henna/extra bangles were all so nice!

    ~ J

    It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you! Such professionalism, super fast service, and even fun! I received my order today and I simply adore my beautiful new glass bangles that I will proudly wear at my friend's wedding on Valentine's Day, and am already breaking in my new khussa shoes, I can't wait to feel how comfortable and form fitting they become! I am looking forward to doing business with you again soon. Thank you so much!

    ~ H

    Jody, Thank you so much for the gorgeous shoes and the gifts you added! The shoes are beautiful and comfortable and will require no breaking in. Now I want more of them. And the large-size bangles are - gasp! - big enough for my wrists. Thanks for letting me try them out this way so that I know they will fit for future purchases.

    ~ M

    Hi there! I received the pink Khussa shoes today from you and they are so beautiful, just as all your Khussa shoes are I have ordered from you. I now have your gold ones, red ones and pink ones. Thank you so much! They are all outstanding!

    Your REPEAT customer, K

    Good service is not to be taken for granted in this day and age.

    I would like to thank you for your fast and friendly service. The bracelets were packed perfectly and the product arrived quickly and as ordered.

    Keep up the good work. B.N.

    My shoes just arrived today, and I absolutely love them. They're just beautiful, and the pictures don't come close to doing them justice. Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks!, L

    I wanted to let you know I received the bracelet holder today. I don't even know where to start but I absolutely love it!!! It is totally beautiful and perfect. I was a little apprehensive at first thinking it might not hold my plastic/bakelite bracelets as they are wider and thicker than glass bracelets but it works great. Then when I started putting my bracelets on it, I realized I had many more that I couldn't put on. Goodness - now what? Well, I'll just have to get another one. You've been a real pleasure doing business with and hope to again here real soon.

    You have a very satisfied customer here! Thanks again. Yes, it was like my birthday!

    ~ TH

    ...there are getting to be so many less than honest sellers on ebay...and meanies too...that you are just a breath of fresh air. I love all of your communications...so light hearted, yet professional. And since all of ebay's transactions are based on emails...we don't get to see each other's expressions or hear the tone of our voices. Somehow you manage to convey a sing-songy voice...a wink and a smile on your face.

    ~ DH

    Utterly superb!!! Beautiful khussa shoes! Really cool wallet...such a generous gift from you!! But most of all......fun, spirited....ultra-expressive sellers which puts you miles beyond the rest and will keep your buyers loyal, happy and grateful!

    I will tell my friends about you guys!!! Many, many thanks!!

    With warm regards....a very, very satisfied customer, T

Press and Features
Our little family business has made an impact, and we've been featured in a selection of books, magazines, blogs, and articles. Pretty cool to see your name in print and people interested in your opinions!

Shop Local Orlando News Broadcast
Channel 6 News Orlando
March 2009
The Florida Retail Federation has launched a campaign to encourage Floridians to shop locally, and Erik von Ancken dropped by the store for a quick interview and to film some footage of a local business.

India's Bollywood fashions turn you from slumdog to millionaire
Orlando Sentinel Bollywood pictures featuring Beachcombers products.East Meets Zest
Orlando Sentinel
March 2009
We are proud to be featured on the front page of the Style & Tends section of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. The article, "East Meets Zest", by Jean Patteson focuses on how Indian style is creeping into fashion everywhere and how you can incorporate a little Bollywood style into your wardrobe. Patteson focuses on our khussa shoes, bindi body stickers and glass bangles worn in multiples.

Beachcombers Bazaar website award for design and navigation
Most Creative Storefront Award
We are very proud to have been awarded the Marketworks "Most Creative Storefront" award for our website design. This award was very special award to me, since I designed the web store, and when I began, I couldn't spell HTML!

It was quite a challenge for me. I wanted the store to be very visual, fun, and easy to navigate. I used as many customer suggestions and requests as I was able to.

Fashion Blogs
Our product has been featured on some popular fashion blogs including Suze on Style, Glamour Magazine's executive fashion editor's blog, and the popular Haute Mimi blog.

Woman's World Weekly Magazine

Beachcombers khussa shoes and glass bangles in Womens World trendsJanuary 14, 2008
Our glass bangles and khussa Indian shoes were featured for "This Week's Hot Trend", Glitz and Glamour Bollywood Style. With Elizabeth Hurley showing up at a NYC fundraiser in a sari and Indian actress Aishwarya traveling the USA, Bollywood got a large shot of stardom in American fashions.

Beachcombers Bazaar featured in eBay Power Seller Million Dollar Ideas
eBay Power Seller Secrets (Revised)
eBay Power Seller Million Dollar Ideas
How eBay Really Works

all written by Brad & Deb Schepp

It was an honor to be featured in this series of eBay books, because we were asked to participate due to our superb customer service. Being asked by such respected authors, was a great feather in our cap! The Power Seller Series is generally considered as an authority in helping eBay sellers grow.

Amazon Top Seller Secrets featuring Beachcombers Bazaar.
Amazon Top Seller Secrets
by Brad & Deb Schepp

The best book on Amazon selling we've encountered! The Schepps are highly specialized writers focusing on ecommerce. We have been featured in their eBay series and now are proud to be featured in their high-end Amazon series.

Great book for a beginner, but enough information to make it worth a read for advanced professional sellers.

Beachcombers Bazaar featured as a preferred eBay store for Christmas and Holiday shopping
Santa Shops On eBay
by Marsha Collier
author of the prestigious eBay for Dummies book series

This book specifically needed eBay sellers that offered unique items, good prices, and a fun easy shopping experience. Needless to say, we were delighted to asked to be part of it! Marsha Collier certainly lived up to her well-earned reputation as an eBay guru.

Beachcombers Bazaar featured in SEO book by Catherine Seda.
How To Win Sales and Influence Spiders
by Catherine Seda, author of Search Engine Advertising

Beachcombers Bazaar is proud to be featured as a Success Story for growing an online business and gaining exposure on the web.

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November, 2006
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Our business has been featured in a variety of Entrepreneur Magazines and online articles. A focus on growing a life-long business that focuses on customer service, rather than a here-for-now-gone-tomorrow business, keeps us regularly featured.


Beachcombers Bazaar Product Help Sites

Beachcombers Orlando Offices & Henna Studio: It's us in 3-D! come visit us in Orlando. Find out about getting a henna tattoo from me, Jody, and pick up items you've ordered.

Henna Help: Everything you ever wanted to know about henna! There is nothing for sale here, just boatloads of great FREE henna information and henna knowledge. There is even a free downloads page, a gallery with more than 1000 henna pictures, and information for henna beginners.

Everything Glass Bangles: How to find your bangle size, how to put bangles on your hand, and bangle trends!

Khussa Shoes for Every Woman: In depth sizing help, how to break khussa in properly, and how to recognize quality khussa shoes.

Bindi Fun for Everyone: Fun unique ways to wear bindi and a cute gallery of bindi pictures.

Beachcombers Organic Earrings: All about tribal earrings including proper care for horn, bone, and wood earrings.

Beachcombers Blog
Our blog as interesting articles scattered throughout!

Belly Dance Links

Florida Tribal Dance is the premier tribal belly dance studio in Florida under the direction of Lacey Sanchez. They offer a great selection of different tribal belly dance styles and extras such as drumming and African dance. Workshops are often held and include instructors such as Rachel Brice, Carolena, Mehga, Zoe Jakes, and other professional tribal dancers.
Yip Belly dance podcast in Orlando
YIP BellyDance Podcast
The best podcast EVER! You will be completely addicted to Mary and Tammy's fun banter together. Interviews with belly dancers from all styles and combined with thoughtful topics and great music. The real reason to listen, is you will laugh out loud!

Belly Dance Florida
Belly Dance Florida
Your source for Florida belly dance including instructors, costuming, vendors, events, and more.

LA Raqs
The mecca of Los Angeles Belly Dance. Events, workshops, vendors, teachers, resources, a gallery of local dancers and more.

Open Directory Project at dmoz.orgDMOZ
The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web.

Beachcombers Bazaar
Be noticed! Shop this fun site for henna tattoo kits, organic earrings (fake gauges), khussa Indian shoes, glass bangles, bindi, and more!