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Cosmetic Glitter for Henna

Rainbow glitter hennaNothing gets your henna noticed more than sparkling glitter, but not all glitter is created equal. There are two basic types of glitter; cosmetic glitter (body safe glitter) and craft glitter.

Craft glitter should NEVER be used on the body or near the eyes (including on masks). Craft glitter is cheap but it is made of metal, generally larger, and has sharp edges (triangle or rectangle shaped). This type of glitter can cause very serious eye injury.

Cosmetic grade glitter or body safe glitter, is made of polyester, is tiny (size .008 or smaller), and is hexagonal in shape. Protect your clients and only use cosmetic grade glitter when applying glitter anywhere on the body.

All of our glitters are body safe cosmetic grade glitter.

Why Use Glitter on Henna Paste?

  • Encourages clients to keep henna paste on longer
  • Makes it less likely someone will forget about their henna and smudge it
  • Draws attention to your booth or table
  • Sets you apart from other henna artists
  • Adds sparkling HAPPY to wet henna paste!