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Learn Henna Tips & How to Create Gorgeous Mehndi Designs

The Henna Learning Center is your one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about to henna. Learn how to create temporary henna tattoos, how to mix henna for hair, and all about henna safety. Our step-by-step instructions are written in plain English and most instructions can be printed. Our henna tips are designed with both henna for beginners and professionals in mind.

Learning to mix your own henna is one of the most important steps in your henna journey, so we've dedicate and entire page to "how to mix henna." If you can make a box of brownies, you can mix your own henna!

Another page is all about henna as hair dye. Learn the basics of hennaing your hair, how to mix henna for the hair, and even how to make a conditioning henna gloss.

For the henna beginner, the "New to Henna" tips page gives you the basics you need to understand the science behind henna, and how to achieve dark color tattoos. The "Henna Safety" page is important for new henna artists so you can learn about black henna, unsafe chemical additives, and rare disorders that may cause reactions to natural henna products.

The henna troubleshooting guide will let you learn how to tweak your henna to get the results you want. While the "Henna How To" page gives you step-by-step instructions for how to learn mehndi body art!

If you have questions about which henna products are best for you, the "Henna Products" page will give you the low-down on everything we carry! Learn the difference between henna applicator bottles, henna powder, and henna cones so you can choose what's right for you.

For those needing more hands on instructions to learn henna, we even offer henna workshops and classes in Orlando! Be sure to check out the Henna University page for more information.