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Just like real tattoos, transfer paper allows you to trace any design you want to henna on skin. Easy to use with complete transfer paper instructions for use with henna. Henna Tattoo Transfer Paper Stencil Tracing and Activator

Better than Henna Stencils!

Only: $5.99 - $26.99

Pre mixed activator solution to release ink from henna tattoo transfer paper to the skin.  All natural ingredients, no chemicals. Liquid Activator For Henna Tattoo Transfer Paper 1/2 oz Dropper Bottle

Liquid Activator For Henna Tattoo Transfer Paper

Only: $2.99
Make smooth clump-free henna paste by straining your henna. If you are using small applicator tips or like very fine henna lines, you need to have the smoothest henna paste possible. Henna Tattoo Straining Kit for Smooth Clump Free Henna

Get Clump-Free Henna Paste for Smooth Application

Only: $4.99

Perfectly cut cellophane triangles for making the finest tip henna cones. Cello SMALL Triangles Cellophane for Making Henna Cones

Cello for Making Small Henna Cones

Only: $3.49 - 1.49 per 25 pack

Hand rolled empty henna cones for applying and storing henna paste. Sharp tip henna applicators are great for fine lines in bridal henna. The extra large size will hold 30 grams of henna paste and are great for freezing henna for storage. Hand Rolled Empty Henna Cones Sharp Tip Applicators Large Size 10 Pack

Great for Fine Line Henna Application & For Storing/Freezing Henna Paste

Only: $5.99 per 10

Reusable large carrot bags for storing henna paste. Perfect for straining your henna then filling smaller henna cones and henna applicator bottles. Empty Large Reusable Carrot Bag for Henna Storage & Filling Bottles

Great For Filling Henna Bottles & Smaller Cones

Only: $0.99

Spray bandage sealer for sealing henna tattoos to keep henna paste from drying to quickly. Spray Bandage Sealer / Sealant For Darker Henna Tattoos

Seal Your Henna For Darker Tattoos

Only: $6.99

Beachcombers henna design book with henna instructions and mehndi tattoo designs. Henna Design Book "Elemental Henna" Henna Techniques, Instruction, & Design (Physical Paper Book)

44 Pages of Henna Designs & Elemental Henna Instruction

Only: $9.99

Pride rainbow super fine cosmetic grade body glitter for henna paste. * Pride Rainbow Glitter Pack: Cosmetic Body Safe Glitter for Henna in 6 Precision Poof Bottles

Rainbow Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Only: $21.25 -32.45

Pride rainbow super fine cosmetic grade body glitter for henna paste. * Rainbow Glitter Gift Pack: Cosmetic Body Safe Glitter with Storage Box

Rainbow Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Only: $25.25
Empty 8 oz Squeeze Storage Bottle Empty 8 oz Squeeze Storage Bottle

Perfect for root application

Only: $2.89
Don't ruin your good kitchen measuring spoons with essential oils. Use these measuring spoons for henna and essential oils. Plastic Measuring Spoons: Set of 6

Plastic Measuring Spoons for Henna and Oils

Only: $0.99

Henna Tools & Henna Accessories
Get the henna tools and accessories that help create a professional henna tattoo experience. These are those little extras that can make your henna life easier and more fun!

Find empty henna cones that are ready to fill with your freshly mixed henna paste. To save money and have more control over your cones, we have perfectly cut cellophane triangles in a couple of different sizes and in different designs. These are brilliant!

Transfer paper helps, even new henna artists, create intricate professional henna designs. Henna transfer paper is fantastic for symmetrical henna designs such as Celtic Knots or recreating logos. They are a great extra to have, even for proficient experienced henna artists.

Avoid clogging henna applicator bottles or henna cones with our henna straining kit. This must-have henna tool allows you to have the smoothest clump-free henna you have ever used.

Get other henna odds-and-ends such as spray bandage sealer, carrot bags, and other henna supplies here. Nearly everything we carry was originally a request from a customer. If you are looking for something you don't see, send me an email, [email protected]! If I can add it to our henna line, I will!