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The newest khussa Indian shoe styles in beaded flats, Punjabi jutti, wedding shoes, and more ethnic shoes.Newest Khussa Shoe Styles ~ Size 8

This is where you'll find our newest Indian shoes!

New shoe colors, bead patterns, and new Bollywood shoe styles are
always in our collection.  Be the first to get our new khussa Indian shoes. 

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Newest Styles in Khussa Indian Shoes
Did you know we design most of our Indian shoes?  That's right!  There are a few classic khussa styles that we believe should be in everyone's khussa shoe collection at some point, but the rest of our beaded flats are designed by Jody and custom created for us, Beachcombers Bazaar.
  Only 24 of each style is made, then the style is retired.  If you see something you like, buy it now!

Finding the Perfect Fit for Indian Shoes
Our khussa shoes are sized for a traditional fit with your toes all the way to the tip of the shoes.  If you like extra room in the toe are, you can size up. 
If you are a US size 8, you should be a Beachcombers size 8. If you are US size 8 - 8.5 you are likely a size 8.  If you are an 8.5 - 9, you are likely a size 9.  Check our khussa shoe sizing page for everything you need to know about finding your khussa shoe size.