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Starting A Henna Business In Your Home, Salon, Spa, Kiosk, or for Festivals?
Everything you need to start your henna business. This henna kit is specially designed to give you all the henna basics you need, while not making a large investment.
Start Your Own Henna Tattoo Business!
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Everything you need to start your own henna tattoo business. This kit is specially designed to give you all the henna basics you need, while not making a large investment.
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Designed especially for starting a henna tattoo business.
Great for hair and nail salons or home based henna businesses. If you are charging clients for henna tattoos, you should be making your own henna from our BAQ (body art quality) henna powder.

This henna kit provides enough henna powder to experiment and learn henna basics while still giving you plenty of henna for applying to your clients (200-400 henna tattoos). It gives you all the henna tools you need (transfer paper, applicator bottles, straining kit, and a design book). When you run out of henna all you need to order is a henna refill kit.

This is a REALLY small investment for a ton of henna. Think about the math for this henna kit for a moment. You can easily create 200-400 henna tattoos with this kit, but even if you only do 100 henna designs, you are still making a great profit. Most henna tattoos are $15-35 ($10-25 for festival style henna).

Pretend you are only charging $10 a design and you only do 100 henna tattoos. That's $1000! Using more realistic numbers of $15 average for 300 tattoos, gives you $4500! HUGE return on your investment!

ORa Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder
  • ORa henna is a GREAT staining powder with a 3.29% lawsone content!
  • It's extremely forgiving in the mixing process, so it's very easy to get good rich henna stains, even for a beginner.
  • ORa henna is a nice stringy textured henna and benefits from straining.
  • This is a fantastic all-around henna for both professionals and beginners.
    ORa henna is what I personally use on all of my clients.
    If you are new to henna, choose the ORa brand henna!

BAQ Jamila Henna Powder

  • Jamila henna is a nice staining powder with a 2.7% lawsone content.
  • It's more finicky in the mixing process, but it has a very long dye release which makes for a very stable henna.
  • Jamila henna has a silky creamy texture and does not need to be strained.
  • This is a popular brand for professional henna artists, but is not the best choice for someone new to henna.

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