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Do you carry children's sizes?
  Not specifically. The smallest shoe size we carry is women's size 6 which fits 5.5-6.

Our glass bangles are not recommended for children. Glass bangles can and will break. The smallest glass bangle size we carry is 2.6.

Do you have a retail store?
  No, we do not have a retail store. We do offer limited local order pick up and henna tattoos by appointment.

Limited Local Order Pick-Up:
We offer limited order pick-up here at our Orlando office.

All of our items are available for order pick up. This is strictly a pick-up service, not a shopping service.
A online scheduled appointment is REQUIRED.

Pick Up Details are Here

Orlando Henna Tattoos:

We offer private appointments for henna designs by Jody at our office and henna studio.
As with order pick-ups, if you'd like a henna design by Jody, it requires a scheduled online appointment.

Henna Appointment Details are Here

Do you offer wholesale?
  Details for bulk orders are here.

eBooks: How do I download my eBooks?
  There are two ways to download eBooks.
  • Download During Checkout
  • Download from Your Beachcombers Account
The screen shots are before our site re-design, but the steps are the same.

To Download Your eBooks At Checkout:

All eBooks require you to register for a Beachcombers account (enter a password during checkout). All eBooks paid by credit card are available via immediate download on the "Order Complete" screen. If you got a free eBook or did not use a credit card to pay, you will NOT see the BLUE arrows. A link to download the eBooks will be emailed to you within ONE business day.

1. Look for the moving BLUE arrow(s), and click on each link to download that eBook.

Save the eBooks to your computer as in the sample below. If you lose your eBooks, you can access them directly through your Beachcombers account at any time.


To Download Your eBooks from Your Beachcombers Account:

1. Log in to your account using the email and password you selected.
Make note access to your account is now at the BOTTOM of every page, labeled "MY ACCOUNT".

2. Click the "Review Orders/Track Packages" link.

3. Click the "Download File(s)" link.

4. Look for the moving BLUE arrow and click on the link.

5. Save the eBooks to your computer as in the sample below. If you lose your eBooks, you can access them directly through tour Beachcombers account at any time.

How do I contact you?
  Our contact information is found on our contact page here.