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Khussa Indian Shoes Help
How do I break in my khussa shoes?
These ethnic shoes can become your most comfortable shoes! They mold themselves to your feet and the more your wear them the more comfortable they become.

Wet your feet and wear your khussa around the house for an afternoon. Occasionally re-wet your feet. If they pinch or rub anywhere, you can put on a band-aide with a cotton ball under it, to help stretch the leather in that spot (i.e. on the back of the heel or on your big toe). Every time you wear your khussa they will become more comfortable as they mold to your feet.

If your khussa shoes are tight, take care to properly break them in. You would be surprised at how much they can stretch. If you need extra stretching, wear damp socks when breaking them in

If your khussa shoes are too big, simply add foam insoles. You can add full inserts or just toe or heel inserts. You still want to follow the break in instructions above to make your khussa comfortable and form to your feet.

What size khussa shoes do I wear?

How Do I Find My Khussa Jutti Shoe Size?

Beachcombers khussa jutti are custom made and sized for consistent Beachcombers sizing. If you are a US size 8, you should be a Beachcombers size 8. If you are a US size 8.5, you are likely a size 9.

Beachcombers shoes are sized to be worn with your toe all the way to the end of the shoe (as they are worn in India & Pakistan). If you like a bit of extra room in the toe, size up.

Each shoe listing will let you know the approximate sizes the shoes should fit.
For example, a size 8 shoe will say "fits size 7.5-8."

When to Size Up

Since khussa/jutti form to the shape of your feet with a break in process, they are offered in whole sizes only. There are a few reasons that you'd want to size up in Beachcombers khussa jutti.

  • Half sizes (for example a size 6.5)
  • You like or need extra room in the toes
  • Wide widths

Three Ways to Find Khussa/Jutti Shoe Size

We offer three ways to find your proper shoes size. They are below in the order of accuracy.

1. Khussa/Jutti Printable Sizing Template

When used correctly, this is extremely accurate. The key is to be sure it's printed to the proper scale. There are convenient measurements on the template that you can use to verify that it is printed correctly.

For Correct Scale When Printing
  • Click on the My-Khussa-Sizer template link below
  • Click "Print" and the Print box will come up
  • Look under the "Print Handling" section
    1. Turn the "Auto Rotate & Center" OFF
    2. Under "Page Scaling" choose NONE

Print the template at the below link.

My-Khussa-Sizer Template

2. Email Jody for Help

Send Jody and email answering the below questions. Copy and paste the questions into the body of the email and add your answers. Please answer ALL the questions.

  1. What size shoes do you normally wear?
  2. Do you ever size up or down a half size? If so, to what size?
  3. More than a half size?
  4. Are you feet wide, average, or narrow?
  5. Do you like to wear shoes tighter or more loose?
  6. Is there anything else about your feet to consider?
You can expect a response within ONE BUSINESS day.

3. Measure Your Foot

This is the least accurate method. Take a measurement of your largest foot and compare to the chart below. Take the measurement THREE TIMES to ensure an accurate reading. Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the measurement and get the next size up.

Measurement Tips:
  • Take the measurement on a hard surface. Carpet will give you an inaccurate reading.
  • Take the measurements THREE times to ensure an accurate measurement.
  • Trace your foot on a piece of paper and then use a ruler or tape measure to find the actual measurement -OR- Lay out a tape measure and line your heels up exactly with teh zero mark. Put all your weight on your foot and use that measurement.
NOTE: Use common sense. If you normally wear a size 10, but the measurement is showing a size 8, then something is not right. If in doubt, size up. Each shoe listing will let you know the approximate sizes the should fit.

The other two sizing options are more accurate than this one, so if something seems off, try one of the other methods that we offer.

Europe UK US Appx. Length
4 6 9 5/8"
37-38 5 7 10"
6 8 10 1/4"
39-40 7 9 10 3/4"
40-41 8 10 11"
41-42 9 11 11 1/8"
42-43 10 12 11 1/4"