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Do these earrings fit normally pierced ears?
Yes, both the split expanders and pin style earrings are designed for normal pierced ears.

I am having trouble wearing these earrings
When you are new to this style of earring, it may take a little practice in front of a mirror.

For split expanders, it is important to note that the pin is curved unlike many earrings where the pin is straight. When attaching the rear piece, follow the curved pin and do not try to jam the back piece onto the pin. There is a wax insert that can be damaged if you push too hard without following the curved pin.

For the pin style earrings, practice first by just passing the pin through your ear. Roll the pin through your ear, do not poke. Use a little olive oil if you feel resistance. When ready to wear the earring, first pass the pin through the first hole in the earring, then hold the earring up to your ear. Pass the pin through your ear and into the rear hole of the earring. This takes a little patience.

Some of the pin style earrings have one hole smaller then the other. Pass your pin through both holes and see if one is smaller. Make note of this when you are trying to wear the earrings so that you do not try to pass the pin through the smaller hole first.

I lost my earring pin
  All the pin style earrings come with extra pins. If you have lost all of your pins, we sell extras. You can also add extra pins with your earring purchase to avoid paying an extra shipping charge.