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Henna Mehndi Oil: Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) 5 mL, 15 mL, 120 mL
Tea tree oil is the best oil for mixing into henna paste.  Extremely high in terps, tea tree mehndi oil, give dark henna tattoos.
Get the darkest possible henna stains with Tea Tree oil.

Use up to one ounce of essential oils per 100 gram package of henna powder to deepen and darken henna stains.
Only: $3.49 - $22.99
Color: Dark Light Blocking Glass Bottle

Description: Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil
100% Pure Uncut Melaleuca Alternifolia Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil

Item #: HP-OILTT

Add Set of Measuring Spoons $1.49

More Details Helpful Information
Mehndi oil refers to the essential oils that are mixed into henna paste.

It's that you are using high quality safe essential oils and you know what is in your oil. General scented oils use carrier oils that are NOT skin safe.

Essential oils are added to henna for a few different reasons: darker color, smoother texture/flow, and scent. To darken henna stains, an oil needs to have monoterpene alcohols (terps) as part of it's chemical make-up.

Australian Tea Tree Oil
100% Pure Uncut
Melaleuca Alternifolia Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Henna Help Information about Tea Tree Oil:

  • Extremely high in terpenes, or monoterpene alcohols, which help henna release its dye, giving you darker henna stains
  • Helps smooth texture of henna paste and keeps henna from drying too quickly
  • Adds a fresh spicy scent to your henna mix (less medicinal and more earthy than cajeput or eucalyptus)
  • Mild non-irritating oil great for sensitive skin
  • Use 1/3 oz - 1 oz (10mL - 30mL) essential oil per 100 grams of henna powder

    Equal parts lavender and tea tree oil are what I personally use in my henna paste.

General Tea Tree Oil Information:

  • Natural antiseptic often used to treat stings, burns, wounds, and skin irritations
  • Natural anti-fungal often used to treat athletes foot and toenail fungus
  • Store in cool dry place away from heat and light or in the refrigerator

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