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The biggest baddest henna tattoo kit around for beginners! All the henna products, tools, and accessories needed to do your own henna tattoos along with fresh high quality henna powder and paste. Big Bad Henna Tattoo Starter Kit for Beginners: Includes Transfer Paper - BEST VALUE!

BEST VALUE!  Perfect For Henna Beginners! With Transfer Paper

Only: $42.99

DIY henna kit for gifts with ready-made henna paste kit for creating henna tattoos.  Safe natural henna paste. DIY Easy-As-123 Henna Gift Kit:
with Video Instruction Access

Complete Henna Kit in Reusable Case | Perfect for Gifts!

Only: $29.99

Henna party pack kit for mehndi parties and other events. Ready made henna paste, applicator bottle, and henna design book. Henna Party Pack: 10 Henna Tattoo Pre-Mixed Cones, Book, & Applicator Bottles

Perfect For Henna Parties, Birthdays, or Weddings.  Applicator Bottles Included

Only: $32.99

Body art quality ORa Organic Rajasthani henna powder kit with henna tools for dark color henna stains. Essential Plus Henna Starter Kit: Henna Powder & Paste, Oil, Applicator Bottles, Design Book

Learn to Mix Henna with the Best Quality Darkest Color Henna and Get Ready Made Paste

Only: $29.99

Fun and easy ready-made henna paste kit for creating henna tattoos.  Safe natural henna paste. Fun & Easy Henna Tattoo Kit: 2 Pre Mixed Cones & Applicator Kit with Design Book

Ready To Go, No Mixing!  Henna Paste, Applicator, and Design Book

Only: $14.99

Large easy-to-use henna tattoo kit with ready made henna paste for fund raising events and festivals. Specialty Fundraiser Ready Made Henna Paste Kit: For Fund Raising, Events, and Festivals

Ready-made paste kit for fundraising or festivals.  Create 200-400 henna tattoos.

Only: $59.99

Ready made henna paste to use for large gatherings, weddings, and parties. Henna Party Pack Light: 10 Henna Tattoo Pre-Mixed Cones & Book

Perfect for Henna Parties, Birthdays, and Weddings

Only: $28.99


Easy-To-Use Ready Made Henna Paste

Pre-made henna paste is great stuff to get started with henna tattoos! No need to mix your own henna, just go to it! All our henna paste cones contain only safe ingredients.

The paste for our henna paste cones kit is made special for us and immediately frozen when we receive it so you get a fresh cone every time! Instead pf parabens or other harmful chemicals, we use sorbic acid as a preservative. Our shipping is fast to ensure freshness upon arrival at your door.

These ready-made henna cones are great if you are using henna as a one-time thing and don't want to learn to mix henna paste from powder. If you are doing henna on an ongoing basis or want to do henna professionally, we suggest one of our powder henna kits. Though our paste leaves a lovely color, pre-mixed henna cones can not be as good as fresh paste that you’ve mixed yourself!

Henna has a wonderful positive energy infused within. You will feel great both when you do henna and when you have a henna tattoo, so relax! Henna is fun. It's not about getting a perfect henna design every time you do henna. Practice, practice, practice! Before you know it, you'll be whipping out fabulous henna designs without even thinking about it.

Want to learn more about henna? Check out our free Henna Learning Center for everything you've ever wanted to know about henna!

Ready Made Pre-Mixed Paste Henna Cone Ingredients:

  • Pure Henna Powder
  • Lemon Juice
  • Tea Tree Oil and Clove Bud Oil
  • Xantham gum (Sugar)
  • Sorbic Acid