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Body art quality ORa Organic Rajasthani henna powder kit with henna tools for dark color henna stains. Essential Henna Starter Kit: Henna Powder, Oil, Applicator Bottles, Design Book

MOST POPULAR KIT! Learn to Mix Henna with the Best Quality Darkest Color Henna

Only: $24.99

Everything you need to get started with your henna tattoo business. This kit is specially designed to give you all the henna basics you need, while not making a large investment. Professional Salon Spa Henna Tattoo Kit: Start Your Own Henna Business

Start A Henna Tattoo Business with the Mehndi Salon Kit!

Only: $65.99

This henna kit is specially created for fundraisers and provides enough henna to experiment and learn henna basics while leaving you enough henna to do 200-400 standard size henna tattoos. Specialty Fundraiser Powder Henna Tattoo Kit: For Fund Raising, Events, and Festivals

Fresh henna powder kit for fundraising, charity, and school events.  Create 200-400 henna tattoos!

Only: $42.99


Ready-to-Mix Henna Powder Kits

If you are looking for the richest, darkest henna stain, you should be mixing your own henna from our fresh henna powder. Our easy-to-use henna kits contain everything you need to create dark henna tattoos; just add lemon juice and sugar.

All of our henna powder is fresh quality BAQ (Body Art Quality) powder. Be assured that all our BAQ henna powder is stored properly. As soon as it arrives, it is checked for quality, wrapped, and frozen. This ensures you always get the freshest possible henna from Beachcombers Bazaar.

We offer professional body art quality henna powders: our house brand henna, ORa Organic Raj, Jamila BAQ powder henna, and other brands by availability. You can find our current offerings at our Current Henna Crops page here.

Our house brand henna, ORa Henna, is an Organic Rajasthani henna powder. This is easy-to-use dark staining henna and makes it super easy to get dark henna tattoo stains, even for beginners. ORa henna is nice stingy henna that works great for draping the straight lines used in Moroccan henna designs. This is what I use personally on mehndi clients.

Jamila BAQ henna powder is triple sifted and the most consistent henna I've ever encountered. It is a bit more finicky than our ORa henna powder and takes longer to release its dye, but Jamila constantly leaves a nice dark henna color. Jamila has a gorgeous creamy texture and is wonderful to work with. You can give Jamila henna stains an extra boost by mixing Jamila henna with ORa henna.

You can mix both henna powders together for a wonderful custom henna batch. You get the extra dark staining of the ORa Organic Rajasthani henna with the creamy texture of the Jamila henna. Henna heaven!

Henna has a wonderful positive energy infused within. You will find you feel great both when you do henna and when you have a henna tattoo, so relax!

Want to use henna for your hair rather than a tattoo? Our BAQ henna powders are the best natural henna powder for hair.

Henna is fun. It's not about getting a perfect henna design every time you do henna. Practice, practice, practice! Before you know it you'll be whipping out fabulous henna designs without even thinking about it. Want to learn more about henna? Check out our free Henna Learning Center.