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DIY Henna Freckles

Faux freckles are super cute and super fun! Creating temporary freckles is safe and is an easy DIY beauty project.

Don't worry! Henna freckles only last 2-5 days. If you don't get it perfect, you don't have to live with it very long and you can try again.

Henna Freckles - Natural hennaThere are some differences between henna freckles and traditional henna tattoos done on other parts of the body.

  • The face stains substantially differently than the hands
  • You often want a lighter color for freckles than you do for henna designs elsewhere
  • Henna on the face doesn't last long
  • The facial skin is more sensitive than elsewhere
  • Some folks just can't seem to get much color on the face (mix fresh henna to help)
  • It may take some trial and error to get it right!

The pictures here are taken from actual client reviews using our natural henna cones.

Instructions For Applying Henna For Freckles

  • Clean the skin well of all oils and lotions, but avoid exfoliation. Exfoliation will not leave enough skin cells on the face for staining and can irritate the skin when applying henna.
  • Ready your henna. If you are using a henna cone knead it well to be sure the henna is completely mixed.
  • Apply henna where you want the freckles on clean dry skin. Vary the size of the dots so it looks natural.
  • You'll want to experiment with how long to keep the henna on to get the color you are looking for. Normally, you scrape henna off the skin and avoid water for the rest of the day, but for freckles people seem to get better results from gently taking off the henna with water (NOT soap).

    Final color depends on a bunch of factors (how oily your skin is, where it is in its exfoliation process, your skin tone, your pH level, how warm your skin is, what type of facial lotions you use, and more).
  • I suggest starting in 10 or 15 minute increments if you are looking for subtle freckles. If you are looking for darker freckles, I suggest starting with an hour. I have clients that can do 10 minutes for freckles, and I have clients that have to do 8 hours for henna freckles.
    PRO TIP: The chest stains similar to the face on most people, so it's a good place to experiment with timing.
  • REMEMBER the color is LIGHT when you remove the paste. It takes 2 days to darken to full color

If your henna freckles are too light
, leave them on longer. Don't use water when you remove the henna. If you are using pre-mixed henna, try mixing your own from our ORa henna using the recipe below.

If your freckles are too dark, you can cut back on the essential oils for a lighter color and/or decrease the amount of time you leave the henna on the skin.

NOTE: Freeze unused henna for future use

Though all our henna (including our premixed henna) is safe to use on skin, facial skin is really sensitive, and the eyes are VERY sensitive to essential oils. For facial freckles, I suggest mixing henna from our ORa henna powder with lavender oil

How To Mix an Extra-Mild Henna For Freckles

Our normal henna mix will work perfectly for freckles, but the skin on the face is fragile and often super-sensitive. I suggest the below henna mix for henna on the face or other sensitive skin.

  • 20 g ORa Henna Powder (appx 2.5 Tablespoons)
  • 3 g Sugar (appx 1/2 teaspoon)
  • 2-6mL Lavender Oil* (use the least oil need to achieve color)
  • Water to Preferred Texture
    Add enough water to get to a useable texture. Something like thick Greek yogurt, stirred frosting, or toothpaste.
    Be sure it is not so thin that it runs.

    PRO TIP: It's easier to thin your henna, than to thicken it. Start off thick and slowly thin to your desired texture.
    * Tea Tree oil can leave a slightly better stain but is not as gentle as lavender oil.

Mix all ingredients together and set aside for 2-5 hours to allow dye release. Since this recipe calls for water rather than lemon juice, if you are not using it right away, this must be stored in the refrigerator if it will be used in 24 hours. If not using for longer than 24 hours, store FROZEN.

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