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Henna applicator bottles with metal syringe tips and jac bottles. Henna Applicator Bottle Kits

Take control over your henna designs! These discounted applicator bottle kits range from the most basic kit for one artist to multiple squeeze bottle and tip kits designed
for multiple artists or for the professional henna artist. Henna bottles and tips can make henna easier if you don't like working directly from a henna cone.

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ORa metal henna applicator bottles offer perfectly controlled henna lines and fewer clogs than other henna bottles. Get 5 soft squeeze henna bottles and 5 top-of-the-line ORa applicator tips in this kit at a great price. The ORa metal henna tips are polished on the inside for smooth henna flow and fewer clogs.
Get All 5 Top-of-the-Line ORa Moroccan Style Henna Tips BEST BUY!  Our Most Popular Henna Applicator Kit A Step Up from Jaq Henna Tips For Better Flow & Control
Huge henna applicator bottle kit that includes both ORa Moroccan style metal tips and Jaq, Jac, Jacquard metal tips. Henna soft squeeze applicator bottles, both jaq/jac bottles and Moroccan ORa metal tips for professional and beginner henna tattoo artists. Purchase traditional jac bottles for creating henna tattoos. Soft squeeze Jacquard henna bottles make creating henna tattoos easy.
Gotta Have 'em All?  Get All the Tips We Offer! Try Both ORa Moroccan and Jaq Style Tips To See Which You Like Better Best Value For Jaq Tips
Top-of-the-line ORa henna applicator bottle.  Choose your size ORa metal tip and your size soft squeeze henna bottle for creating finely controlled henna lines for henna tattoos. Jacquard bottle henna applicator bottles in both 1/2 oz and 1 ounce sizes.  All 3 sizes jaq metal tips for applying henna paste for henna tattoos. Perfectly cut cellophane triangles for making hand rolled henna cones.  Cello cones are great for fine line henna tattoo application.
Choose Your Henna Bottle & Tip Size Choose Your Henna Bottle Size & Jaq Tip Size Cello for Making the Finest Tip Henna Cones
Perfectly cut cellophane rectangles for making hand rolled henna cones.  Cello cones are great for fine line henna tattoo application. Perfectly cut cellophane triangles for making the finest tip henna cones. Hand rolled empty henna cones for applying and storing henna paste. Sharp tip henna applicators are great for fine lines in bridal henna. The extra large size will hold 30 grams of henna paste and are great for freezing henna for storage.
Cello for Making the Finest Tip Henna Cones Cello for Making Small Henna Cones Great for Fine Line Henna Application & For Storing/Freezing Henna Paste

Differences in Henna Applicator Bottles and Tips

Soft squeeze applicator bottles and extra soft anti-fatigue applicator bottles.Henna applicator bottles make creating henna tattoos easy, especially for henna beginners. At Beachcombers, we offer two different styles of henna applicator bottles and tips: ORa Moroccan tips with extra soft anti-fatigue bottles and jaq bottles (also called jac or Jacquard bottles) with standard squeeze bottles.

  • Jac Tip Bottles – This style henna tip is also called jaq, jac, or Jacquard bottles. Jaq bottles have been used for henna for years and offer 3 different sizes of tips in a cone shape (.05, .07, .09). These applicator bottles and tips are easy to control and attach to a plastic nip that goes in the mouth of the bottle.

    Jac tips work with standard squeeze bottles but are NOT compatible with extra soft anti-fatigue bottles.

  • Soft squeeze henna applicator bottles to apply mehndi paste.ORa Stainless Steel Metal Tips with Anti-Fatigue Bottles – If you’re looking for an upgrade to the Jac tips for henna, our ORa Moroccan stainless steel tips are for you! This style tip, in a polished medical grade stainless steel, is welcome improvement from jaq tips. These are not the part plastic/part metal Moroccan syringe tips you may have seen in the paste. ORa tips are exclusive to us at Beachcombers. You'll find actual ORa tips nowhere else! Five sizes of metal tips are available (20, 19, 18, 16, 14 gauge) from the finest possible line to nice heavy lines that are great for filling henna designs.
    Only ORa tips are compatible with the extra soft anti-fatigue applicator bottles.

    In addition to being easy to control, our ORa Moroccan applicators are polished on the inside of the blunt syringe tip. This makes the henna slide through the tips smoothly, which means fewer clogs. ORa Moroccan henna tips attach to our anti-fatigue bottles using syringe couplers which screw on to the mouth of the applicator bottles. These are much easier to remove to refill your henna bottle than the jaq bottle nips. Pure luxury at a better price!

    ORa tips with anti-fatigue bottles are what I personally recommend for both beginners and professionals.

Rolled Henna Cones and Cello Triangles

Are you a henna traditionalist? We have the henna tattoo supplies for you! For traditionalists, we carry hand-rolled empty henna cones with nice sharp tips, and we have the perfect thickness of cellophane for rolling your own henna cones. We even have a selection of designs and sizes in our cello triangles.