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Our Indian shoes are designed by us and handmade specifically for Beachcombers. We keep a large selection of bridal wedding style flats in stock, however, only 24 of each pair is made. If you see something you want, get it today!

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Ethnic Fun! Khussa Indian Shoes

Khussa shoes are fabulous beaded flats that have been around since the 17th century during the Mughal Empire of India. Of course, back then they were created using actual gemstones and real gold thread instead of beads and sequins. That's ok; we love khussa Indian shoes just as they are without the price tag that comes with real gems!

Our khussa shoes are made in the same way as traditional Indian shoes and as such, they’re a little different to break-in than other shoes. There is no left or right shoe when purchased new. You break-in Indian shoes to create a custom left and right, giving you a super comfortable fit. The more you wear them, the more comfortable these fabulous beaded women’s shoes become!

Our khussa shoes are sized for a traditional fit with your toes all the way to the tip of the shoes. If you like extra room in the toe area, you can size up. If you are a US size 8, you should be a Beachcombers size 8. If you are US size 8 - 8.5 you are likely a size 8. If you are an 8.5 - 9, you are likely a size 9. Check our khussa shoe sizing page for everything you need to know about finding your khussa shoe size.

Khussa Shoes as Wedding & Special Occasion Shoes

Khussa shoes are also known as Punjabi shoes, mojari, juti, juttis, or belly dance shoes. While great for dancing, khussa shoes can be worn with anything. They’re great for any occasion from every day with jeans or as special occasion shoes when paired with wedding gowns, belly dance costumes and Renaissance costuming.

  • Khussa Shoes for Weddings - Beaded Indian shoes make perfect flat wedding shoes! If you have been looking for pretty flat white shoes, you know how difficult that is to find. We offer white flats in cool white and warm white, which works well with ivory dresses. Sometimes you can find lemon cream khussa or light beige Indian shoes. Our selection is always changing. Only 24 of each style of khussa are made at a time, so this gives you exclusivity in making your wedding day even more special.
  • Bollywood Shoes and Belly Dance Shoes - Though dancing is typically done barefoot, khussa shoes are perfect for wearing before and after a performance or for wearing when you need to dance on concrete or dirty floors. Indian shoes keep with the ethnic costuming, keep your feet safe, and are comfortable enough for an entire gig. The ultimate belly dance shoes!
  • Indian Shoes for Costumes - Khussa shoes work for all kinds of costumes other than belly dance costumes and Bollywood looks. Indian shoes work beautifully for SCA and Renaissance Era costuming, especially Royalty looks. Our beaded flats are also popular with SASS & other Victorian costuming. They are a great way to add some fun comfortable shoes to your Steampunk look! Halloween costumes such as Dorothy, princess, etc...

We love our khussa shoes for their comfort and beauty. If you have any questions about our khussa flats, please give us a call at 407-236-7878 or email us at [email protected].