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Tea tree oil is the best oil for mixing into henna paste.  Extremely high in terps, tea tree mehndi oil, give dark henna tattoos. Henna Mehndi Oil: Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) 5 mL, 15 mL, 120 mL

Extremely High in Monoterpene Alcohols!

Only: $3.49 - $22.99
Bulk tea tree and lavender essential oils for mehndi henna paste. Two 4 ounce bottles for 8 ounces total. Henna Mehndi Oil: Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil Combo 240 mL (8 ounces) BULK

High in Monoterpene Alcohols!

List Price: $67.98
Only: $44.99
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Mehndi Henna Oil Blend: Myrtle & Lemon Essential Oils 5ml Mehndi Henna Oil Blend: Myrtle & Lemon Essential Oils 5ml

Great Fresh Scent!

Only: $2.99 - $.99

Henna Essential Oils (Mehndi Oil)
only offer essential oils that are high in Monoterpenol alcohols to help give you a deep rich henna tattoo color. Monoterpenol alcohols (referred to as "terps" in the henna world) help release more lawsone (the dye) in your henna to draw out more staining power from your henna powder.

My favorite mehndi oil mix is an equal mix of lavender oil and tea tree oil. This mix gives you a lovely rich henna stain and adds a decadent smell to your henna!