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Henna Hot Tips!

Find our list of Henna Hot Tips on our YouTube channel below.
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Henna Hot Tips on YouTube

March Hot Tip: Mixing a Mini-Henna Batch

How to Mix Henna: Mini Batch Version!

There are many reasons you may wish to mix a small henna batch instead of a full henna pack.

  • Use different oils than your normal mix (I do this when someone is allergic to lavender or tea tree)
  • If you need to omit oils altogether (some people do this for henna brows or henna freckles)
  • To adjust sugar levels to a specific environment
  • Testing out a new mix
  • Testing out a new henna powder or other ingredient

February Hot Tip: How to Strain Henna Paste

Mess-Free, Fuss-Free Henna Straining

I actually enjoy the process of straining henna. I find it very satisfying, and it only takes 2-3 minutes.

December Hot Tip: The Perfect Henna Sealer

Henna Sealer with a Twist!

My sealer is easy to make, cheap, and lovely to work with! Check out the video for a little surprise ingredient!

November Hot Tip: Thicker Henna Lines

Thicker Henna Lines

Focusing on only doing thin henna lines may be doing a disservice to your henna. See the difference a fat juicy henna line can make.

October Hot Tip: Disposable Paper Placemats

Disposable Paper Placemats

This is one of my favorite henna tools for large events! Watch the video to find out why!

September Hot Tip: Knead Henna Cone

Knead Henna Cone

Knead your henna cone and squeeze out the first bit of henna. Henna can separate from shipping, being frozen, or even just sitting unused for a couple of hours.

Knead your henna cone really really well before using it.

After you are finished kneading, squeeze out the first bit of henna (about a 1/2 inch) from your cone. That bit sometimes does not leave great color.

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