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Henna products for henna tattoo, with easy henna kits and applicator bottles.

Natural Henna Tattoo Supplies

Henna is made from a plant called Lawsonia Enermis. It is grown in the Middle East and India. The leaves are crushed into a fine powder, mixed with essential oils and made into a paste. Henna has been used all over the world by numerous cultures for over 6000 years. It has a rich history of being used for traditional rituals, celebrations and cosmetic purposes. Today it is worn by brides for their weddings, and by people simply wanting to express themselves creatively through the art of henna tattoos on their hands and feet.

When it is applied to the skin, it creates a nice reddish-brown stain that lasts anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Henna tattoo designs range from very simple lines to intricate patterns and symbols.

Henna has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s now very easy to buy henna online with Beachcombers. Always buy your henna tattoo kits from a reputable source. Stay away from black henna which is not actual henna and can cause severe allergic reactions and permanent damage to skin.

Beachcombers is proud to offer all natural henna tattoo supplies of the highest quality. Whether you’re just learning the art of henna or are an experienced designer, Beachcombers has the best henna tattoo kits for you! Start browsing our henna tattoos and other henna supplies below.

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About Beachcombers Henna From Jody

I had to learn henna the hard way...through years of trial and error. This is why I work hard to make Beachcombers henna easy for everyone. I personally select the products in our henna kits and write the henna design books & henna instructions to make henna simple and fun. The instructions including the henna design book that comes with our henna kits are designed to be clear and easy to understand. Spreading the henna-word is important to me, so I teach henna workshops throughout the year on both the art and science of henna.

Anyone can do henna! Really! The more you do henna the better you'll get and the darker your henna stains will get, so start practicing!

If you are a henna beginner, one of our henna starter kits are for you! The starter kits are designed to give you henna product along with all the henna accessories you need. This means once you purchase your henna starter kit and play around with it, all you have to re-order is the henna itself. You already have all the henna tools and accessories!

More Fun Facts About Henna

  • Henna was originally used to cool the body in the desert! Nomadic tribes would cover the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet with henna. As long as they had color, their body temperature was lower. Henna is still used for this today!
  • Henna is technically a permanent stain. The henna itself doesn't fade away, your skin cells exfoliate off, thus "fading" your henna. A typical henna tattoo will have good color for 5-10 days and will be completely gone in 1-3 weeks.
  • Henna tattoo stains start off an orange color and slowly darken to a brown-red color over a couple of days.
  • Henna is said to bring good luck and blessings to both the person getting henna and the person giving henna. Give it a try, and you will feel the positive energy that is packed into henna.
  • Cleopatra used henna to beautify herself!