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Henna Powder

We only offer body art quality henna (BAQ) with absolutely no additives. All of our henna powders are safe for both skin and hair use.

Below are some of the henna varieties we offer, though not everything is necessarily available at any given time. ORa henna and Jamila henna are our standard hennas and are normally always available. If they are occasionally out of stock, they are normally back in stock within 30 days.

Henna is a crop, and as such, availability and quality can differ based on the specific crop year. We are constantly sampling and testing different types of henna, and offer the best available options.

Henna Crop Year

BAQ henna is harvested once a year.

  • Pakistani henna (Jamila) is generally available near the end of summer.
  • Indian (ORa) henna is generally available in the late fall/early winter.
Properly stored, unopened powder henna can last more than 3 years. If you find a crop year you really like, buy extra!

Below is information on our current henna powders.

BAQ ORa Organic Rajasthani henna powder

ORa Henna (Organic Rajasthani Henna)

2023 Crop *The Current Henna in all our Kits*
(harvested Dec 2023)

Our house brand henna powder, ORa is a spectacular power and is my personal recommendation for both beginners and professionals. It's my personal favorite and the henna I use on my clients.

  • 6-24 Hour Dye Release with Lemon Juice (9-12 hours is the norm)
  • Dark Staining Henna
  • Extra-High Lawsone Content (2.83)
  • Wonderful stringy texture
  • Excellent Stickiness (to the skin)
  • Excellent Sift
  • Very Stable
  • Winter Harvest Henna
  • USDA Certified Organic by Ecocert
    Certification # ORG/SC/1810/002196

Authentic Jamila BAQ henna powder

BAQ Jamila Henna (Pakistani Henna)

2023 Crop

Jamila henna is the most well-known professional-grade henna powder, due to it's wonderful sift and creamy consistency. It has been around for many years and consistently offers good color.

  • 18-48 Hour Dye Release with Lemon Juice (24 hours is the norm)
  • High Lawsone Content (2.7)
  • Super Creamy Texture (benefits from adding sugar)
  • Excellent Triple Sift (best sift in the industry)
  • Very Stable
  • Late Summer Harvest Henna

Ready Made Henna Paste

Safe Ready Made Henna PasteIf it were my choice, everyone would mix their own henna from our fresh powder. The best possible color can be obtained from mixing your own paste, and you can control the texture for your personal preferences.

Despite that, I understand mixing your own henna is not practical for everyone, so I have worked hard to bring you a quality ready made henna paste.

Our ready made henna paste is made especially for us and is flash frozen, then shipped express to us. As soon as it arrives to us, it’s checked for quality and stored in our in-house freezers. We put serious effort into offering a ready-to-use henna paste that is as fresh as possible, while still containing all natural ingredients and absolutely NO harmful chemicals.

Beachcombers' Henna Paste Ingredients
  • Pure Henna Powder
  • Lemon Juice
  • Tea Tree Oil and Clove Bud Oil
  • Xantam Gum (sugar)
  • Sorbic Acid
Henna paste must be stored frozen.

Consider one of our henna kits that contain BOTH paste and powder, so you can try them both out.

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Crazy high lawsone content for extra dark henna stains! ORa henna is a professional grade henna powder with a great stringy texture and extra dark henna stains. Henna Powder: Professional BAQ ORa Organic Rajasthani Henna 100 grams 2023

Fresh ORa Henna Powder: Professional Grade Henna Powder

Only: $7.99 - $4.99

Fresh BAQ Jamila henna powder for dark staining henna paste. Professional quality Jamila henna powder is stored properly frozen to give you the freshest henna powder available. Henna Powder: Professional BAQ Jamila Henna 2023-100 grams

Fresh Jamila Henna Powder: Professional Grade BAQ Henna

Only: $9.99 - $6.99

Henna 10 pack of quality henna paste in hand rolled henna cones. Safe natural henna paste with no chemicals or unsafe additives. 10 Pack Natural Henna Paste Premixed Mehndi Cones

Quality Ready-to-Use Natural Henna Paste

Only: $24.99