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Bulk and Wholesale Orders

We are a small business and we design our own products. We don't order from large factories, instead, we work with small family businesses for our handmade items. As a result, we are not able to offer wholesale quantities at deep discounted pricing.

We do offer discounts on larger-than-typical orders. Many of our products have some sort of quantity discount! Discounts and the quantities required for them are already in our product listings and will be added to the cart automatically at checkout.

Check our specials page for other discounts or clearances we have available.

Discounted Henna Product

  • Quantity discounts for henna items will be displayed in the item listing.
  • Henna powder is offered by the kilo at substantial discounts.
  • Professional henna artists should try our 8 by 8 Pro Pack for discounted henna and essential oils.
  • Kits offer a great way to get everything you need at a discounted rate.
    Additional discounting is available for henna kits with a quantity of 30 or more kits.
  • Applicator bottles are available with large quantity discounts in our Parts Bin.

Glass Bangles

The above discounts also qualify for our free shipping options to further save you money!

If you have more questions, contact us with COMPLETE DETAILS of what you need. The more clear you can be about your needs and goals, the more creative I can be in finding a solution to those needs!

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Bulk tea tree and lavender essential oils for mehndi henna paste. Two 4 ounce bottles for 8 ounces total. Henna Mehndi Oil: Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil Combo 240 mL (8 ounces) BULK

High in Monoterpene Alcohols!

List Price: $67.98
Only: $44.99
Save $22.99!

Five sets of custom selected glass Indian bangles in a variety of colors and textures. Bracelet Gift Set: 5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets

Our Most Popular Gift Set!

List Price: $49.95
Only: $39.99
Save $9.96!

Bulk Party Glass Bangles: 250 Bangles Bulk Party Glass Bangles: 250 Bangles

Perfect for baby showers, weddings, and other bangle give-aways.

List Price: $138.75
Only: $99.99
Save $38.76!

Find your Beachcombers glass bangles size using real glass bangles. Glass Bangle Sizing Kit - Cost Refunded On Next Order

Find Your Size With Real Glass Bangles

Only: $2.99

Beachcombers can create a custom glass bangle set to match your outfit or your theme. Beachcombers Custom Glass Bangle Set: Create Your Own Set

Custom Bangle Set to Match any Outfit or Theme.

Only: $9.99

Crazy high lawsone content for extra dark henna stains! ORa henna is a professional grade henna powder with a great stringy texture and extra dark henna stains. Henna Powder KILO: Professional BAQ ORa Organic Rajasthani Henna BULK

Kilo of Fresh ORa Henna Powder: Professional Grade Henna

List Price: $79.90
Only: $59.90 - 49.90
Save $20.00!

Lavender oil is a great mehndi oil to add to henna paste. It's high in terps to darken your henna tattoo stain and smells divine. Henna Mehndi Oil: Lavender Essential Oil 120 mL (4 ounce) BULK

High in Monoterpene Alcohols!

List Price: $33.99
Only: $22.99
Save $11.00!
Tea tree oil is the best oil for mixing into henna paste.  Extremely high in terps, tea tree mehndi oil, give dark henna tattoos. Henna Mehndi Oil: Tea Tree Essential Oil 120 mL (4 ounces) BULK

Extremely High in Monoterpene Alcohols!

List Price: $33.99
Only: $22.99
Save $11.00!