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Khussa Indian Shoes - Size 7

Our khussa Indian shoes are all handmade of premium Pakistani leather and beaded in traditional Indian styles and fresh modern styles. This high quality leather allows them break in to be super comfortable. Be warned! Once you break in your first pair of our beaded Indian shoes, you may become addicted to khussa shoes. Your closet may end up littered with pair after pair of beautiful Indian shoes and you won't be able to choose which pair to wear that day! Oh what a problem to have...

Khussa shoes are known for their comfortable design and intricate beadwork. As gorgeous sequin flat shoes, these are great shoes for a night of dancing. Many women love them as an alternate shoe for special occasions and wear them as unique wedding shoes.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Indian Shoes

Our khussa shoes are sized for a traditional fit with your toes all the way to the tip of the shoes. If you like extra room in the toe area, you can size up. If you are a US size 7, you should be a Beachcombers ladies flat shoes size 7. If you are US size 7 - 7.5, you are likely a size 7 in khussa shoes. If you are a 7.5 - 8, you are likely a size 8. Check our khussa shoe sizing page for everything you need to know about finding your khussa shoe size.