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Questionsa bout henna products such as powder or applicator bottles?

Questions About Our Henna Products?

Henna Powder
Henna Paste
Henna Body Safe Glitter
Applicator Bottles
Other Henna Tools

Henna Powder
We only offer body art quality henna (BAQ) with absolutely no additives. All of our henna product is safe for both skin and hair use.

Below are some of the henna varieties we offer, though not everything is necessarily available at any given time. ORa henna and Jamila henna are our standard hennas and are normally always available. If they are occasionally out of stock, they are normally back in stock within 30 days.

Henna is a crop and as such availability and quality can differ based on the specific crop year. We are constantly sampling and testing different types of henna, and offer the best available options.

BAQ henna is harvested once a year. Pakistani henna is generally available near the end of summer and Indian henna is generally available in the fall. Properly stored, unopened powder henna can last 3 years or more.
If you find a crop year you really like, buy extra and store it!

ORa Henna (Organic Rajasthani Henna)
2016 Crop
Our house brand powder henna ORa is a spectacular powder and is my personal recommendation
for both beginners and professionals. It is the henna I use the most often.

  • 6-12 Hour Dye Release with Lemon Juice
  • Extra High Lawsone Content (dye content)
  • Very Stringy Texture
  • Excellent Sift
  • Very Stable
  • Late Fall Harvest Henna
  • USDA Certified Organic by Ecocert
    Certification # ORG/SC/1203/000394

    Buy ORa Here

Jamila Henna (Pakistani Henna)
2016 Crop
Jamila henna is the most well-known professional henna powder around, due to it's wonderful sift and consistency. Very consistent and often a favorite for hair henna.

  • 18-24 Hour Dye Release with Lemon Juice
  • High Lawsone Content (dye content)
  • Creamy Texture
  • Benefits from Sugar
  • Excellent Sift
  • Very Stable
  • Summer Harvest Henna

Buy Jamila Here

Ibis Henna (Organic Rajasthani Henna)
2015 Crop
Ibis henna is a great professional henna. Good for both beginners and professionals. This is very similar to ORa henna, and, now, also carries an organic certification number.

  • 6-12 Hour Dye Release with Lemon Juice
  • Extra High Lawsone Content (dye content)
  • Very Stringy Texture
  • Excellent Sift
  • Very Stable
  • Fall Harvest Henna
  • USDA Certified Organic by OneCert
    Certification # ORG/SC/1512/003072

*** Sold Out ***

Ready Made Henna Paste

If it were my choice, everyone would mix their own henna from our fresh powder. The best possible color can be obtained from mixing your own paste, and you can control the texture for your personal preferences. I understand that is not practical for everyone, so we have worked hard to bring you a quality ready made henna paste.

Our ready made henna paste is made especially for us and express shipped to us frozen. As soon as it arrives to us, it’s checked for quality and stored in our in-house freezers.

We put serious effort into offering a ready-to-use henna paste that is as fresh as possible while still containing all natural ingredients and absolutely NO harmful chemicals.

Henna Paste Ingredients:

  • Pure Henna Powder
  • Mineral Water
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Clove Bud Oil
  • Xantham gum (Sugar)
Consider one of our henna kits that contain both paste and powder so you can try them out and find what is best for you.

This henna must be stored frozen.

Buy Pre-Mixed Henna Cones

Loose Body Art Glitter
Looking to add some bling to your henna? Add glitter! Glitter is inexpensive and easy to use, just poof our body-safe loose glitter on wet henna paste.

Not all glitter is created equal. There are two basic types of glitter; cosmetic glitter (body safe glitter) and craft glitter.

Craft glitter should NEVER be used on the body or near the eyes. Craft glitter is cheap but it is made of metal, generally larger, and has sharp edges (triangle or rectangle shaped). This type of glitter can cause very serious eye injury.

Cosmetic grade glitter or body safe glitter, is made of polyester, is smaller (size .008 or smaller), and is hexagonal in shape. Protect your clients and only use cosmetic grade glitter when applying glitter anywhere on the body.

All of our glitters are body safe cosmetic grade.

Why use glitter?

  • Encourages clients to keep henna paste on longer
  • Makes it less likely someone will forget about their henna and smudge it
  • Draws attention to your booth or table
  • Sets you apart from other henna artists
  • Adds sparkling HAPPY to wet henna paste!

If you are doing henna at a festival where you have competition, you NEED glitter!

Buy Henna Glitter Here

Henna Applicator Bottles

Henna can be applied many different ways including with a cone, a syringe, a stick, or applicator bottles. For a new henna artist applicator bottles are the most popular because they are so easy to handle and use.

We offer 2 different styles of henna applicator bottles, Jac tips with soft squeeze bottles and ORa Moroccan tips with extra soft anti-fatigue bottles.

Soft squeeze henna applicator bottles to apply mehndi paste.

Standard Soft Squeeze Bottles vs. Beachcombers Anti-Fatigue Bottles
Soft squeeze applicator bottles and extra soft anti-fatigue applicator bottles.Standard soft squeeze henna bottles are what you find all over the web and are compatible with both Jac tips and ORa tips. They do a nice job and are easy enough to handle, but they can be very hard on your hands, causing cramping. This means you have to keep them as full as possible to keep your hands from cramping, and you will have more henna waste because you can't get to the bottom of the bottle.

Standard Squeeze Henna Bottles
Standard squeeze bottles are offered in the 1 ounce size. These work with both ORa and Jac tips.

Anti-Fatigue Henna Bottles
Extra soft anti-fatigue bottles are exclusively made for Beachcombers and are a positive luxury! We worked for over a year to get these special bottles made for us, that are positively the softest henna bottles on the market. What does this mean for you? It means less hand-cramping and less waste! You can henna for MUCH longer before having to stop to refill the henna bottle. This means you will henna faster!

Anti-fatigue bottles are offered in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce sizes. The 1 ounce is actually softer than the half ounce. Both sizes of anti-fatigue bottles are compatible with our stainless steel ORa Moroccan tips. Only the 1/2 ounce size anti-fatigue bottles are compatible with Jac tips. The 1 ounce AF bottle is NOT compatible with Jac tips.

ORa Moroccan Tips
(with anti-fatigue extra soft squeeze bottles)
These are what I personally recommend.
I like to think of these as an upgrade to the Jaq bottles. Our ORa tips are compatible with our anti-fatigue bottles, and if you are currently using Jaq bottles, our syringe couplers and ORa tips will work with them.

Our ORa tips are made exclusively for us of polished stainless steel and are specially polished on the inside of the tip. This allows the henna to flow beautifully and cleaner than a Jac tip. Fantastic!

ORa tips are offered in five sizes from super fine to large, gauges 20, 19, 18, 16 & 14 and require a syringe cap to work with bottles.
ORa Moroccan henna tips attach to bottles using syringe couplers which screw on to the mouth of the applicator bottles. These are much easier (and less messy) to remove to refill your henna bottle than the jaq bottle nips.

ORa Pros ORa Cons
  • Work with anti-fatigue bottles!
  • Precise and reliable
  • The polished stainless steel tips are polished on the inside
  • Five tips sizes available (gauges 20, 19, 18, 16 & 14)
  • Offer the smallest possible size (20 gauge)
  • Easy to use. To refill bottle, just unscrew the syringe cap
  • I can't think of any cons regarding the polished stainless steel ORa tips!

Buy ORa Applicator Bottles

Jaq Tips (Also known as Jac or Jacquard tips)
These are the most common applicator tips and are offered in three fine to medium sizes, .05mm, .07mm, and .09mm. Jaq tips are stainless steel and require a nip coupler to work with our standard soft squeeze applicator bottles.

Jac tips are NOT compatible with the 1 ounce anti-fatigue bottles.

Many henna artists started off using these tips and will use nothing else.
They are a classic option that does the job, but if you are new to henna, go with the ORa tips and Anti-Fatigue bottles.

Jac/Jaq Pros Jac/Jaq Cons
  • Precise and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • .05, .07, .09 mm available
  • Do NOT work with 1 ounce Anti-Fatigue bottles
  • Only 3 tips sizes
  • The nip must be pulled out of the bottle to refill the bottle with henna
  • If you don't take good care of them the tip can separate from the cone

Buy Jacquard Jac Bottles

If you are unsure you can always try one of our combo applicator kits that contain both types of bottles and tips.

If you still have questions, feel free to email me, Jody, or to phone our toll-free line. I'm always happy to help.

*ORa Moroccan syringe tips are blunt syringes and are NOT used to pierce the skin.
They are used for applying henna on TOP of the skin.

Henna Tools of the Trade

As with every craft, there are all kinds of tools available to make doing henna easier and more convenient for you.

Empty Henna Cones
Mylar, cellophane, and other plastic cones have a variety of uses including applying henna, storing paste, and getting paste into other applicators such as henna bottles. We have a variety of different empty henna cones to shop so you can find what is right for you.

*Flat Cello Triangles

Hand Rolled Cones

Carrot Bag

I personally use the *flat cellophane triangles to roll my own cones. I use a carrot bag to fill those cello cones with henna, and store them frozen until I need them.

Empty Henna Cones Comparison Chart
Type Applying Storing Filling Bottles Notes
Flat Cello Triangles X X X Available in small and medium sizes, ready to be rolled.
Hand Rolled Cones X X X These create a large cone and are already rolled.
Carrot Bag X X Huge size is specifically for filling bottles or cones.

Transfer Paper
Transfer paper is great for doing complicated or symmetrical designs such as Celtic knots. Anything you can't free hand, can be done with transfer paper to get perfect results.

This is the same transfer paper that is used in tattoo shops. You trace any design you want, creating a transfer. Apply the transfer to your skin and henna over it. The first time you wash, the transfer lines go away and you are left with a henna tattoo that is perfectly done!

We make our own transfer paper activator using distilled water, rubbing alcohol, and glycerin so that it doesn't interfere with getting a good henna stain. Do not use deodorant, as it can effect your henna stain.

Buy Henna Transfer Paper

Spray Bandage Sealer
This is a great sealer that you don't have to make yourself. Perfect for large areas or outdoor events. In addition to being a great sealer for henna, spray bandage sealer is a wonderful way to help protect your henna stain when swimming.

You can find spray bandage sealer in the First Aid isle of your local pharmacy, but it's generally a VERY small can and about $12. We've sourced this generic brand option that gives you more than double to product for a much lower price.

You can learn more about henna sealers here on our Henna How To page.

Buy Spray Bandage Sealer

Henna Straining Kit
Straining your henna is optional, but I strain every henna batch I make, even the king-of-sift, Jamila Henna. Straining will remove any bits in your henna that will clog your applicator, such as dry henna bits, super small stems, or bits of lemon.

The key to straining your henna is to use a quality nylon without reinforced toes. Since most women now-a-days do not have extra nylons laying about, I created this kit so you can get everything you need to make it easy without a trip to the department store for expensive panty hose.

Instructions for straining henna paste are here.

Buy a Henna Straining Kit

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Natural Henna Cones Ready Made Henna Paste Cello Cellophane Mylar Triangles For Making Henna Cones Medium Size Cello Cellophane Mylar Rectangles For Making Henna Cones Medium Size Henna Tattoo Straining Kit for Smooth Clump Free Henna
Only: $3.99 - $2.49

Only: $3.99 - $2.49 per 25

Only: $3.99 - 2.49 per 25
Only: $4.99

Quality ready made henna paste for mehndi tattoos. Natural henna paste in hand rolled henna cones for immediate use. Perfectly cut cellophane triangles for making hand rolled henna cones.  Cello cones are great for fine line henna tattoo application. Perfectly cut cellophane rectangles for making hand rolled henna cones.  Cello cones are great for fine line henna tattoo application. Make smooth clump-free henna paste by straining your henna. If you are using small applicator tips or like very fine henna lines, you need to have the smoothest henna paste possible.
Ready To Use Henna Paste | No Mixing | QUANTITY DISCOUNTS! Cello for Making the Finest Tip Henna Cones Cello for Making the Finest Tip Henna Cones Get Clump-Free Henna Paste for Smooth Application
Henna Tattoo Transfer Paper Stencil Tracing and Activator Hand Rolled Empty Henna Cones Sharp Tip Applicators Large Size 10 Pack TRIAL KIT Henna Jagua Tattoo Precision Applicator Bottle: 5 ORa Moroccan Tips & 1 Jaq Tip ORa AF LIGHT Henna Jagua Tattoo Precision Applicator Bottle Kit: 3 Anti-Fatigue Bottles & 5 ORa Stainless Steel Tips
Only: $5.99 - $26.99

Only: $5.99 per 10

Only: $11.99

Only: $12.99

Just like real tattoos, transfer paper allows you to trace any design you want to henna on skin. Easy to use with complete transfer paper instructions for use with henna. Hand rolled empty henna cones for applying and storing henna paste. Sharp tip henna applicators are great for fine lines in bridal henna. The extra large size will hold 30 grams of henna paste and are great for freezing henna for storage. Henna soft squeeze applicator bottles, both jaq/jac bottles and Moroccan ORa metal tips for professional and beginner henna tattoo artists.
Better than Henna Stencils! Great for Fine Line Henna Application & For Storing/Freezing Henna Paste Try Both ORa Moroccan and Jaq Style Tips To See Which You Like Better A Step Up from Jaq Henna Tips For Better Flow & Control