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Beautifully display your glass bangles with handmade Indian bangle stands.

Beautifully Display Your Glass Bangles with Indian Bangles Stands

Keep your glass bangles safe and looking great with our handmade Indian wood bangles stands. These unique jewelry displays, turn your glass Indian bangles into a work of art! Don't limit these jewelry trees to just holding your glass bangles. Our bangle stands work great for wood bangles, other bracelets, scrunchies, necklaces, watches or any other jewelry you want to show off.

About Our Bangle Stand Supplier

Our bangle display stands are made from a not-so-small-anymore family business in a small Indian village. This Indian family business started out as a very small wooden handcraft business. The current proprietor used to bring the family handcrafts to a nearby town to sell when he was a boy. That same boy went on to University in England to study business.

He has helped that little family business to become a world exporter of wooden Indian handcrafts such as jewelry boxes and bangle stands, not to mention improving the village economy to keep it relevant in today’s modern world. When he was a boy the village only had electricity during the part of the year that the small town river had water. Now, thanks to his contributions to bring in generators, the village has electricity year round.

During all of this expansion and improvement, he has managed to keep the charm of all the handwork still created by the locals. There is also a robust scholarship program for the local children. Now that's what it is all about!

Each Beachcombers bangle bracelet holder is completely handmade in this Indian village using hand tools. The flaws in the wood of each stand add to the character and unique flavor of these fantastic items. As a small business ourselves, we are proud to offer such items and proud to be part of helping other small businesses worldwide.