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Huge selection of Indian bindi stickers. Multi pack bindis in a rainbow of bindi colors and styles.Multi Pack Bindi

Bindi body stickers in packs with a rainbow of bindi colors. Choose from traditional Indian bindi, fun modern bindis, and other crystal tattoo bindi body stickers. Bindi body stickers are safe and reusable.
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Multi Pack Bindi Body Stickers

We have a massive selection of Indian bindi sticker packs. Find a rainbow of bindi colors and a selection of different bindi styles: from traditional bindi to modern fashion bindi body stickers. Long bindi, short bindi, bindi dots, and other bindi styles & shapes are featured in our multi pack bindis. You’ll find the best bindi jewelry deals here!

Remember, these fab reusable bindi stickers aren't just for the forehead; they’re also great exotic body jewelry. I love to wear bindi at the corners of my eyes. It's especially cute using small bindi in little groups. Try sticking a brightly colored bindi just behind the ear or in the hollow of your neck. Decorate your henna designs or your cell phone using bindi stickers! Get creative with your packs of body art stickers! Beachcombers Bazaar...breaking the bindi box!