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Bollywood bindi styles! Fancy crystal bindi, belly bindi, arm tattoos, and more bindisBollywood Bindi Stickers

Fancy Bollywood style bindi are here! Hard-to-find large crystal bindis and wedding style bindi packs are part of our Bollywood Bindi line. You can also buy specialty bindi here such as bridal bindi packs, arm band tattoos, and belly bindi when available. Bindi body stickers are safe and reusable.

Our Bollywood line is limited. Once a bindi is sold out it doesn't come back, so buy any bindi you like today! It may be gone tomorrow.

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Fancy Bollywood Bindi

This bindi category is where you can buy our fancier Indian bindi styles and specialty bindi like our Indian Bollywood jewelry-like bindi. You know those big sparkly bindi Indian women wear during the dance scenes in Bollywood films? Those are here! These make perfect wedding bindi for bridal fashions too. Buy these extra-large crystal bindi body stickers to really make a statement.

We carry a nice selection of specialty bindi that is constantly changing. You may find belly bindi and crystal arm tattoos one time, and another time you'll find eye bindi (for your eye lash line) and bridal bindi sets. Most of our specialty jewelry is inspired by Bollywood fashion, so it is often bold, colorful and big. Our specialty bindi are available in very limited quantities, so if you see something you like buy it quick! Our Bollywood bindi selection is constantly changing so check back often.

Don't be afraid to think outside the bindi-box with our specialty bindi and Bollywood jewelry. Big curvy bridal bindi looks great along the cheekbone, and long bindi are fantastic on the backs of high heel shoes. Belly bindi can be worn on the breasts or on the lower back. Get creative with your bindi placement!

Beachcombers Bazaar...breaking the bindi box!