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Wooden earrings for organic earrings, pin earrings, cheater and faker earrings, tribal wood earringsOrganic Wood Earrings

Wooden earrings for normally pierced ears in tribal organic fake taper styles. All wood earring materials are responsibly harvested in Indonesia. Pin earrings or stick earrings have a horn pin. Faux taper expander earrings (fakers or cheater earrings) give you a gauged earring look without needing to gauge your ears.

All earrings are for normally pierced ears!

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Beachcombers Organics: Wood-Carved Earrings

There is nothing quite like the warmth of wood to put you in touch with nature and yourself. Our organic wood-carved earrings feature earrings handmade from a variety of exotic trees including: saba wood earrings, sono wood earrings, tamarind wood earrings and coconut wood earrings in stick and fake taper styles.

Wooden earrings have a lovely wood grain that varies on every single earring that highlights the natural hand-made nature of Beachcombers Organics. Many of our tribal wood earrings are carved into spiral and other intricate patterns. You’ll love the uniqueness of the tribal earrings’ designs!

Wood earrings are offered in both pin earrings (stick earrings) and fake ear taper split expander earrings (also call fakers, cheaters, or faux tapers) styles. We even have faux plug earrings! The cheater earrings are fake taper earrings that are joined by a stainless steel earring pin. No gauges or stretched lobes are needed, and you can get the cool expander style look. All our earrings are for normally pierced ears. Nice!

All our organic earrings are made responsibly in Indonesia. The wood for our wooden earrings is harvested from renewable tree farms (saba wood, sono wood, and coconut wood) grown specifically for the handicraft tradition in Indonesia. You can feel good about wearing our green earrings. Looking to be noticed? These will do it!