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How to Find Your Indian Glass Bangle Size

The key to wearing glass bangles is to get the correct size. Wearing the proper bangle size will lead to less breakage and a better look.

If you are new to Indian glass bracelets, you should expect a bit of breakage while you get used to them. No worries! This is perfectly normal and why you get so many bangles in a set!

We offer three different sizes, 2.6 Small, 2.10 Medium/Large (the most popular), and 2.12 Extra Large.

There are four different ways to find the correct bangle size. See them on the video below and instructions are below the video.

They are listed below from most to least accurate.

1. Try On Actual Glass Bangles

The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to try on actual glass bangles.

We offer a Glass Bangle Sizing Kit specifically for the purpose. It's only $2.99 with free shipping. You also get a coupon for $2.99 for your next order, which makes it free!

Buy the Glass Bangle Sizing Kit here.

2. Measure Good-Fitting Bangles You Already Own

Diameter and Circumferenceake out good-fitting bangles that you already own and measure the INSIDE diameter. Compare that measurement to the below chart to find your size.
Size Diameter
S 2.6 2 3/8" 6.1 cm
ML 2.10 2 5/8" 6.6 cm
XL 2.12 2 3/4" 7 cm

3. Printable Sizing Template

Print out the sizing template (making sure it is to the proper scale), cut out the circle, and try to fit your hand through the different openings.

For Correct Scale When Printing
  • Click on the My-Khussa-Sizer template link below
  • Click "Print" and the Print box will come up
  • Look under the "Print Handling" section
    1. Turn the "Auto Rotate & Center" OFF
    2. Under "Page Scaling" choose NONE

Print the template from the link below.

4. Measure Your Hand

Diameter and circumference for bangle sizingThis is the least accurate way to find your size. I suggest trying the above methods unless you have no choice.

Make you hand as small as possible, as if you were putting on bangles. Use a flexible tape measure around your hand at the widest point. Do this at least THREE times to make sure the measurement is true. Compare that measurement to the below chart to find your size.

Size Circumference
S 2.6 7.46" (7 1/2") 19 cm
ML 2.10 8.25" (8 1/4") 21 cm
XL 2.12 8.6" (8 3/5") 22 cm