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Bone earrings and horn earrings in tribal styles. Cheater earrings, fakers, and pin earrings or stick earrings in organic bone and organic horn materialsHorn & Bone Earrings

Fake taper and faux plug horn earrings and bone earrings in tribal organic styles. Horn and bone earrings are made from Indonesian domestic water buffalo. Pin earrings or stick earrings have a horn pin. Fake taper expander earrings (fakers or cheater earrings) give you a gauged earring look without needing to gauge your ears. All earrings are for normally pierced ears!
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Black horn drop curls with a long tail are some of our most beautiful earrings. Henna Curls Split Expander Tribal Black Horn Organic Earrings Fake Tapers 2"

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Beachcombers Organics: Horn & Bone Fake Taper Earrings

Organic earrings are most popular in wood earring styles, but bone and horn jewelry has been worn for thousands of years and is growing in popularity. These tribal earrings for women and men make a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Organic horn earrings are mostly black, but you may find natural variations in color in some earrings. You may find streaks of brown or white and sometimes bits of translucent sections in horn earrings. So cool! Bone earrings are mostly white. Our cool earrings made of bone are a slightly creamy white color and sometimes have streaks of black or pink in them. These look great against dark hair!

Both our horn earrings and our buffalo bone earrings are offered in both pin earrings (stick earrings) and faux taper expander earrings (fakers or cheaters) styles. We even offer fake plugs! All our earrings are for normally pierced ears. Our fake tapers are split expander earrings that are joined by a stainless steel earring pin. No gauges or stretched lobes are needed, and you can get the cool expander style look. Nice!

All our horn earrings and bone earrings are made using domestic Indonesian water buffalo. Animals are never killed for their horn or bone. Instead, our earrings are made from the leftover material from farm animals. Much like Native Americans, Indonesians try to use all parts of an animal and waste very little.