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New style cheater earrings, fakers, split expanders, organic earrings in wood, horn, and bone Our Newest Organic Earrings

This is what's new in the Beachcombers Organics earring line. Master Carver Wayan keeps us supplied with the newest fake taper earring carvings in both cheater earrings and pin earrings. A variety of earring materials such as wood, bone, and horn are always available.
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Fresh, New Style Fake Taper Earrings

Our Master Carver Wayan keeps Beachcombers in supply of the latest and greatest new organic earrings styles in wood, bone and horn fake gauges. Check back often for new style fake tapers in horn pin earrings or wood cheaters. There is always something new to find and love!

We feature a selection of both pin earrings (stick earrings) and split expander earrings (fakers or cheaters) styles. All our earrings are for normally pierced ears. No gauges or stretched lobes are needed, and you can get the cool expander style stretched look. Nice! If you haven't tried this fabulous form of organic body jewelry, you are going to love it!

Beachcombers Organics feature a variety of sizes, styles, and materials in our organic earrings for women and men. One day you may find huge wood hoops and another day you may find bone earrings carved to the shape of a bird or coconut wood faux plugs.

Organic tribal earrings can be worn by anyone. Both men and women can wear these earrings and every age can find an earring style that works for them. We always keep a nice selection of earrings for men.

All our organic earrings are made responsibly in Indonesia. The wood for our wooden earrings is harvested from renewable tree farms grown specifically for the handicraft tradition in Indonesia. The horn earrings and bone earrings are made from left-over material from domestic water buffalo (farm animals). Animals are NEVER killed for their bone or horn. Much like Native Americans, Indonesians try to use every part of an animal or plant and waste very little. Whether looking for bone, horn or wood gauges in new styles, Beachcombers has you covered.