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New bindi styles! The latest Bollywood bindi, traditional bindi, and specialty bindiNew Bindi Body Stickers

Shop with us often? We have pages and pages of bindi body stickers. This is where you'll find our latest and greatest bindi styles. If it's a new bindi, it will be featured here first!

Be sure to check our Bollywood Bindi line and our multi-pack bindis for more bindi body stickers!

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The Latest & Greatest New Bindi Body Stickers

Here is where you find what's new with Beachcombers bindi body stickers. We get loads of new Indian bindi styles in stock and we always want to share our new bindi jewelry fashions. Whatever our newest bindi styles are, they can be found here. Bollywood bindi, bridal bindi, simple bindis, mix & match bindi, or specialty bindis may be found here.

Every crystal bindi stickers order is different, so check back often! You never know what kind of fun body art stickers in new styles you may find.

Bindi are reusable body stickers that are worn as jewelry. Think Bollywood fun here! The original adhesive typically lasts 1-3 wears. After the adhesive wears off, use a little eyelash glue or even a glue stick to re-stick your bindi jewels.

Traditionally people think of bindis as being worn on the forehead, but bindi can be worn anywhere! I love to wear bindi on the chest as a floating necklace and at the corner of the eyes. Try putting a large curvy crystal bindi along your cheekbone or just under your belly button. Long bindi stickers look great on the back of high heel shoes! The point is that you can wear bindi ANYWHERE!