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Pin earrings, stick earrings, tribal earrings, organic pin earringsOrganic Pin Earrings (Stirrup)

Our pin earrings or stick earrings have horn or bone pins. Earthy tribal jewelry is unique and stylish. Formally reserved for body jewelry requiring gauged ears and stretched lobes, now tribal earrings are available in great stick earrings with a organic pin that works for normally pierced ears. Woo hoo for the rest of us!
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Pin Earrings (Stirrup)

Organic Pin Earrings or Stick Earrings

Organic earrings with ear pins have that great tribal look without the typical gauged ear look. These pin earrings are sometimes called stirrup style earrings. People will stop you on the street to ask about these gorgeous stick earrings! They really are head-turners.

Beachcombers’ organic pin earrings are available in wood earrings, bone earrings, and horn stick post earrings. Our pin earrings are designed and handmade in Bali by our Master Carver, Wayan, for Beachcombers Bazaar and are specifically designed for normally pierced ears.

All materials used for our organic earrings are responsibly harvested. The wood for our wooden earrings is harvested from renewable tree farms grown specifically for the handicraft tradition in Indonesia. The horn earrings and bone earrings are made from left-over material from domestic water buffalo (farm animals). Animals are NEVER killed for their bone or horn. Much like Native Americans, Indonesians try to use every part of an animal or plant and waste very little.