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Cheater earrings, fakers, split expanders, organic earrings in wood and bone Faux Taper Split Expanders

Fake tapers or cheaters are for normally pierced ears and look like gauged earrings. No need to gauge your ears or stretch your lobes to get that cool expander jewelry look! Cheaters are made like normal expander earrings only they have a stainless steel pin for normally pierced ears. We have fake plugs too!
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Black horn drop curls with a long tail are some of our most beautiful earrings. Henna Curls Split Expander Tribal Black Horn Organic Earrings Fake Tapers 2"

Our Most Stunning & Popular Style

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Fake Taper Split Expanders (Cheaters or Fakers)

That's right! You can cheat with these organic spiral tapers and faux gauge earrings! Made using traditional style gauge earring, these organic fake expander earrings are split and a stainless steel earring pin is added to pierce a normal earring hole. You get the tribal look of gauged jewelry without needing to gauge your ears or stretch your lobes. That's something I can get down with!

Organic cheaters and fake tapers are available in wood earrings, bone earrings, and horn earrings. Wood cheaters offer a range of warm brown tones in tribal earring styles. Bone earrings are a beautiful white that look great in front of dark hair. Horn faker earrings are a rich shiny warm black.

We have small tribal style fake tapers that are popular with men and gorgeous hand carved elegant earrings that are lovely and feminine. We even have a selection of faux plugs that are great earrings for men and women. This is a tribal jewelry style anyone can embrace and make their own, without the need to commit to altering the body permanently. Body jewelry for the rest of us!

All our organic earrings are made responsibly in Indonesia. The wood for our wooden earrings is harvested from renewable tree farms grown specifically for the handicraft tradition in Indonesia. The horn earrings and bone earrings are made from left-over material from domestic water buffalo (farm animals). Animals are NEVER killed for their bone or horn. Much like Native Americans, Indonesians try to use every part of an animal or plant and waste very little.