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Current Henna Workshops
Henna U Henna Workshops and ClassesWe currently have three workshops available for registration. Details for each are below.

  • Simply Henna 101: $60
  • Anatomy 1 Lab: $35
  • Beginning Henna Business Lab: $30

When: Saturday September 21, 2019
Where: Beachcombers Bazaar and Henna Supply
8503 Forest City Rd, Orlando FL 32810

Learn mehndi, the art of henna, with hands-on professionally taught classes in Orlando, Florida. These are structured classes packed with hands-on education and experience.

  • Only 12 people per class
  • All workshop supplies included
  • Comprehensive professional teaching
  • LAST workshop opportunity for 2019!

Simply Henna 101

12:00-3:00 $60

The Science and Art of Mehndi

Learn how to do henna with an in-depth introduction to the basics of henna tattoos. Learning the science and the art of henna gives you everything you need to start or continue your henna adventure!

This Workshop Covers:

  • Brief henna history/traditions
  • Different kinds of henna
  • Henna safety
  • How henna works
  • How to mix henna
  • Application techniques
  • Design and art techniques
  • and so much more...

Includes THREE hours of professional instruction, a workbook, workshop materials, companion eBook, and a complete henna take-home kit.

Henna 101 Learn to henna Workshop Class

Henna Skill Level: All Levels

THREE Hour Intensive
Cost: $60

This is a full 3 hour workshop with 2 hours of hands-on henna work. The workshop is bargain priced, as it includes a henna kit with more than $30 worth of product and a free companion eBook. This is over a $40 value, plus the three hours of instruction!

Henna Anatomy 1 Lab

4:00-5:30 $35

The Gross Anatomy of henna! Learn the principles of henna design fundamentals to create designs that are professional quality.

These design principles relate to every style of henna, will enhance your understanding of bringing a full henna design to life and build a foundation for strong henna stylization. These are the principles that allow you to develop your own henna style as an individual artist.

Companion eBook included.

Learn the anatomy of a henna design to create your own henna style.

Henna Skill Level: All Levels
Basic henna information will NOT be taught

Beginning Henna Business Lab

6:00-7:30 $30

If you want to do henna on others for money, THIS is the class for YOU! Avoid common mistake new henna artists make at early henna gigs. Learn what you need to prepare for a gig, how to price henna, contract basics, and so much more. This is a business class not a design class.

This class is designed for you to make money doing henna and to start your henna business off right.

Companion eBook included.

Learn what you need to know to do a henna party or fundraising event in this henna class.

Henna Skill Level: All Levels
Basic henna information will NOT be taught.