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2.10 Build-A-Bangle
Our Build-a-Bangle line bangles are sold individually with a min of 8 bangles per style. Specials do not apply.
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Five sets of custom selected glass Indian bangles in a variety of colors and textures. Bracelet Gift Set: 5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets

Our Most Popular Gift Set!

List Price: $49.95
Only: $39.99
Save $9.96!

Find your Beachcombers glass bangles size using real glass bangles. Glass Bangle Sizing Kit - Cost Refunded On Next Order

Find Your Size With Real Glass Bangles

Only: $2.99

Beachcombers can create a custom glass bangle set to match your outfit or your theme. Beachcombers Custom Glass Bangle Set: Create Your Own Set

Custom Bangle Set to Match any Outfit or Theme.

Only: $9.99

Sparkling Silver Chrome Indian Glass Bangles Modern Silver GLASS Bangles Indian Fashion Sari Jewelry Bracelet Set 2.10 ML

Sparkling Silver Chrome Indian Glass Bangles

Only: $9.99
Matte navy blue and lavender bangles with rainbow confetti glitter. Navy Blue Lavender Glass Bangles Bollywood Glitter Bracelet Sets 2.10 ML

Great Colors with Confetti Glitter

Only: $9.99

Matte Gold with Silver, Black, and Turquoise Classic Glass Bangles Belly Dance Bollywood Indian Bracelet Set 2.10 ML

Matte Gold with Silver, Black, and Turquoise

Only: $9.99

Indian Glass Bangles Size 2.10 M/L

The 2.10 bangles size is our most popular glass bangles size. More than 50% of our bangle clients are the 2.10 M/L size Indian bangle. The 2.10 Indian bangle size is a good standard bangle size bet if you are buying glass bangles as a gift and you don't know what size to get. These large size bangle bracelets are sure to fit any wrist and are especially popular for weddings.

No matter if you are the 2.10 most popular size bangle or another size, glass bangles will get you noticed! There is nothing quite like glass bangles to get you noticed. The look! The sound! The style!

Join me in my innocent addiction! Find your bangle size and get to growing your own glass bangle collection!

Standard Glass Bangle Sets and Event Wedding Glass Bangles

All our Indian glass bangle sets are available in either standard small size sets or larger wedding style bangle sets.

Standard Indian bangle sets are perfect for everyday wear. These glass bangle sets are only $9.99 and contain 12-18 individual bangles depending on the style of bangles used. Standard glass bangles are great for building your Indian bangle collection and for mixing and matching. The picture you see in the listing is exactly what you get.

Event and wedding bangle sets are the same sets you see in the picture only with more bangles added to them. They are designed for fancier events so you can add more flash, sparkle, and more bangles! Wedding bangle sets are only $5 more and contain 50% more bangles.